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Steel plant UWB personnel asset positioning project case

Deploying UWB real-time positioning system in a steel plant. Base station VDU2503 and UWB ranging base station VDU2506 are installed on the top of the factory building. Workers wear UWB work ID tags VDU1501, and equipment assets are equipped with UWB tags VDU1506.

The positioning system can realize functions such as employee asset positioning and electronic fence restrictions in hazardous areas. It can achieve positioning accuracy of 10cm~30cm.

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Restaurant Personnel UWB Positioning Project Case

A North American restaurant builds a UWB personnel positioning system. The system includes UWB base station, UWB tag, CLE positioning engine, display software, etc.

The store manager distributes small table cards with UWB positioning tags to customers. Through the display software, the location information of Gu's family can be known in real time. After the food is ready, the waiter can deliver the food to the customer's seat in time.

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Subway Safety Brake UWB Ranging Project Case

Build high precision UWB ranging system in subway station. UWB distance measuring base station VDU2506 is installed around the tunnel of metro station, which can realize the safety distance judgment and control when the metro train brakes in an emergency, and the UWB distance measuring is as high as 10cm~30cm.

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Warehouse Forklift Anti-collision UWB Ranging Project Case

Install the UWB base station VDU2506 on the forklift, and combine it with the sound and light alarm device to form an anti-collision warning device. Through the UWB base station installed on the forklift, the high-precision distance measurement between the UWB work cards carried by the personnel can simultaneously complete the accurate distance measurement between multiple forklifts and between multiple personnel and forklifts. This enables collision avoidance warning between forklifts and forklifts, and between forklifts and people.

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Cattle and Sheep Ear Tag Bluetooth Beacon Project Case

In recent years, the aquaculture industry is also gradually developing towards intelligence. Smart farm is a new farming model. Through the use of Internet of Things technology, people can monitor the breeding situation of cattle and sheep in real time.

Therefore, SKYLAB has developed and launched a Bluetooth beacon solution for cattle and sheep ear tags. Through the IoT software platform, it is able to grasp the status of livestock, including the number, location and movement steps of cattle and sheep. When there are livestock cattle and sheep leave the electronic fence, it can timely alarm.

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UWB Ad Hoc Network Positioning Project Case For Fire Rescue Personnel

In order to solve the problem of firefighters' localization, SKYLAB has developed a UWB self-organized network positioning system, which is based on the principle of TWR bi-directional ranging. UWB self-organizing network is based on TWR bi-directional ranging principle, which abandons the original multi-base station layout scheme. The system utilizes mutual ranging between tags to determine the firefighter's position.

Firefighters wear UWB positioning tags to enter the rescue scene. The commander can grasp the real-time location information of the firefighters in real time, and the UWB system can improve the command ability of the leaders at the scene.

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Tunnel Construction Personnel UWB Positioning Project Case

The construction process of subway tunnels is tedious and prone to accidents. The client wants to locate the tunnel construction workers in real time. Through the UWB positioning system, the manager can have a clear understanding of the construction situation on site.

SKYLAB built a UWB real-time positioning system in the tunnel. The UWB base station VDU2506 is installed in the tunnel and can be fixed on a pole. The UWB base station can be mounted on a pole or on the top of the tunnel with a matching mounting bar.

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Power Plant Personnel UWB Positioning Project Case

SKYLAB built a UWB positioning system in the power plant. The UWB base station VDU2503 is deployed in different areas of the power plant, and the inspectors wear UWB work tags or helmet tags.

During the inspection process, the UWB positioning system can locate the inspectors with high accuracy. In addition, the system records the inspector's movement trajectory. Positioning system can also realize the number of personnel attendance statistics; SOS one-key call for help alarm.

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Airport luggage and personnel UWB positioning project case

SKYLAB has successfully deployed the uwb positioning system at the international airport. It adopts TDOA positioning algorithm, and the positioning accuracy is 10~30cm. The UWB positioning system can realize real-time positioning of people, vehicles and objects. It can record the movement track of passengers' suitcases, which is convenient for event tracing.

(1) Airport staff positioning

(2) Airport luggage trailer positioning

(3) Positioning of luggage items carried by passengers

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Hospital Sterilization Bluetooth Positioning Project Case

SKYLAB has developed and launched a spraying and disinfection detection and personnel Bluetooth positioning system. The personnel positioning and disinfection detection system is based on Bluetooth technology development. The personnel positioning accuracy is 3~5 meters. It allows real-time accurate positioning of personnel to ensure that they have visited all areas that need to be disinfected. Managers can detect the effect of the spraying in real time.

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The company has a strong R&D team with more than 30 senior technicians, of which more than 50% belong to the software algorithm team. The team has been developing indoor positioning products since 2014, and it is an industry leader in ultra-wideband UWB indoor positioning technology. The company has more than 20 intellectual property rights including invention patents. Products have been widely used in smart healthcare, smart elderly care, smart factories, asset management, mining, chemicals, prisons, electric power, bridge and tunnel construction and other industries, serving more than 10,000 customers worldwide.

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