Tunnel Construction Personnel UWB Positioning Project Case

2023-07-27/ By Admin

The construction process of subway tunnels is tedious and prone to accidents. The client wants to locate the tunnel construction workers in real time. Through the UWB positioning system, the manager can have a clear understanding of the construction situation on site.

UWB positioning project case for tunnel construction personnel

Construction of UWB positioning system for tunnel construction personnel

SKYLAB built a UWB real-time positioning system in the tunnel. The UWB base station VDU2506 is installed in the tunnel and can be fixed on a pole. The UWB base station can be mounted on a pole or on the top of the tunnel with a matching mounting bar.

The tunnel UWB system uses TWR positioning algorithm. Its advantages UWB base station deployment spacing is relatively large.
Under the unobstructed environment, the deployment spacing of UWB base stations can be up to 400 meters. The number of UWB base stations is reduced, thus lowering the overall system cost.

This tunnel project adopts adopts one-dimensional positioning mode. The UWB system realizes the need for high-precision positioning of tunnel personnel with an accuracy of 10 cm to 30 cm.

Functions of Tunnel UWB Positioning System

(1) High-precision positioning of construction personnel

(2) Personnel movement track query or playback

(3) construction personnel statistics

(4) SOS alarm for construction personnel

Base station and tags used in tunnel personnel positioning system

(1) UWB base station VDU2506

VDU2506 is an UWB anchor based on TWR high precision ranging. It can receive tag broadcast package to calculate the distance and send command to tags at the same time, making it easy for bi-direction alert, electrical fence and distance keeping function, etc.

(2) UWB work tag VDU1501

UWB indoor positioning staff tag VDU1501, the main control chip adopts nrf52832, which can realize low-power standby. The positioning scheme adopts DW1000 to realize the TDOA indoor high-precision algorithm based on UWB.

UWB work tag VDU1501