Decryption: the Reason for Bluetooth Overtaking

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Reasons for Bluetooth Overtaking

The Internet of Things realizes the connection and interaction between people and things, and between things and things. Wireless communication technology has become an invisible bridge in the connection of the Internet of Things. At present, there are many wireless communication technologies for the Internet of Things, including WiFi, ZigBee and NB-IoT technologies. It is a strong support for the development of the Internet of Things. Supports long-distance transmission and faster transmission speed. The proportion of Wi-Fi technology in the early Internet of Things applications is significantly higher than that of Bluetooth. However, in recent years, the updated and iterative Bluetooth technology has also begun to be the mainstream wireless communication technology in Internet of Things applications. Play a vital role.

So, what is the reason for Bluetooth overtaking?

Bluetooth has always been the key to achieving an excellent user experience, and has now become one of the key technologies in the consumer wireless revolution. With the continuous improvement of Bluetooth specifications, its position in the future market including the Internet of Things will be further highlighted, and the Bluetooth technology community has continued to grow and develop.

The Internet of Things connection has a variety of modes according to different application scenarios. Bluetooth can realize multi-level connections, such as positioning and application connections in the Internet of Things, which can enable application vendors to better meet customer needs.

Bluetooth is a very mature technology. It has been widely used in mobile phones, tablet computers and other PC devices and smart wearables.

Bluetooth has good global interoperability, which is a very good choice for people who want to develop popular products.

With the continuous improvement of Bluetooth Mesh technology, the applicability of Bluetooth to the Internet of Things will become more powerful.

The application scenarios of the Internet of Things era present the characteristics of fragmentation. Different communication technologies are suitable for different scenarios according to their own characteristics. What SKYLAB does is to provide more convenient Bluetooth access for the fragmented application scenarios of the Internet of Things. SKYLAB The BLE Bluetooth module developed and produced has been widely used in the Internet of Things, smart home, wearable devices, automotive electronics, medical electronics and other industries.

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