BLE&WiFi Gateway

SKYLAB is divided into 4.2 Bluetooth gateway, 5.0 Bluetooth gateway, and 4G Bluetooth gateway according to the characteristics of the communication protocol. It integrates 4.2/5.0, 2.4GHz band WiFi, and 4G network wireless communication protocols.

Bluetooth and WiFi communicate through serial ports to realize data transparent transmission. It supports two power supply modes: POE switch and DC power supply. Can achieve 50-70 meters long-range coverage.

The Bluetooth gateway mainly has the following three functions:

1. Scanning function: The Bluetooth gateway can scan the surrounding Bluetooth BLE devices and Bluetooth beacons (Beacon). And send the obtained information to the server through WiFi or Ethernet through UDP or TCP/IP.

2. Connection function: The Bluetooth gateway can connect to the surrounding Bluetooth BLE devices, and then realize remote management. For example: Remotely control the Bluetooth BLE device, receive the data sent by the Bluetooth BLE device, and send it to the server. A Bluetooth gateway can connect about 30 BLE devices at the same time.

3. Data transmission function: Through the serial port between Bluetooth BLE and WiFi, the data of the Bluetooth BLE device is transmitted to the server through WiFi or Ethernet. And send the server-side data to the Bluetooth BLE device.

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