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bluetooth gateway


Explosion-proof 4G/5G WIFI Bluetooth Gateway BLE5.0 VDB2613

VDB2613 is an extended Bluetooth 5.0 gateway integrating 4G, WiFi, Bluetooth 5.0/ZigBee (Lora in the future) and UWB.Products use explosion-proof standard metal shell, can be applied to mine, gas stations, chemical plants and other places of Ⅰ type explosive-proof grade requirements.

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Bluetooth Protocol Bluetooth ®5.0
Power supply DC 6~24V or POE
Dimension 220mm*200mm*89mm

VDB2613 Is the basic function of VDB2613 bluetooth/ZigBee gateway, can be used to make indoor positioning, can also be used as a bluetooth/ZigBee network center to send instruction to the bluetooth/ZigBee devices or receive a bluetooth/ZigBee devices (such as bluetooth sensor, alarm device, etc.) of signals and uploaded to the backend server, it can be a WiFi Internet access way can also is Ethernet.Power supply on the way, you can use the 24 v 1 a power adapter, compatible with standard POE 48 v power supply (flameproof POE switches is not commonly used because it is over, do not recommend Ⅰ places application).

VDB2613 can be equipped with 4G PCIE module, and 4G network communication can be realized by inserting a Micro SIM card, which eliminates the need for complex network wiring. In addition, when 4G or network cable is used to access the Internet, WiFi can be configured into AP mode to provide network access for other WiFi devices, and gateway parameters can be configured through WiFi.

Meanwhile, VDB2613 can use LAN port mode to mount our UWB base station board, on the basis of the original gateway to achieve additional UWB positioning base station function.

In addition, VDB2613 supports the isolated 485 interface, which can connect industrial PC and program-controlled computer to realize the uploading or sending of serial data to the network.If the serial port isn’t used for 485 purposes, it can also be compatible with external GMOUSE Molex connector for GNSS positioning.

The gateway reserve 2 USB ports, which can be connected to other USB peripherals that support Linux2.6.36 operating system and the following versions, such as USB disk, printer, and so on, making it easy for extended peripheral connections.



Exd/ia BLE5.0 WiFi UWB LAN/WAN Zigbee Lora 4G RS485 SD-Card USB GMOUSE(GNSS)




General parameter
Dimension L220mm*W200mm*H89mm
Weight 3.1kg
Power supply DC 6~24V or POE
Average current (no 4G) 200mA@6V
OP. Temp -20℃~70℃
Physical Ethernet port *1、DC port *1、RS485
Protocol IEEE 802.11n, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11b
Data rate IEEE 802.11 b Standard Mode: 1,2,5.5,11Mbps
IEEE 802.11g Standard Mode: 6,9,12,18,24,36,48,54Mbps
IEEE 802.11n : 72Mbps @ HT20
150Mbps @ HT40
Wireless security WPA/WPA2, WEP, TKIP, and AES
Workig mode Bridge、Gateway、AP Client
BLE parameters
BLE Protocol Bluetooth ®5.0
Data rate Uncoded:1Mbps/2Mbps,Coded:125kbps(S=8)/500kbps(S=2)
Wireless security AES HW Encryption
RX Sensitivity -93dBm@1Mbps BLE
Coverage Out door 80m,Indoor 30~50m(No sheild)


Scene1: Sensor data collection or command deliver

1)VDB2613 Bluetooth module collects information about BLE sensor, such as Humidity and Temp., brightness, CO2 density itc., once per second.

2)The cloud controlcenter send the command information to BLE control module or BLE switch through VDB2613 , so as to adjust the Temp. and Humidity, once per second.

Scene2: Indoor positioning

3)VDB2613 Bluetooth module collects information about Beacon nearby, including RSSI, MAC, etc., once per second.

4)Bluetooth module send the Beacon information to WiFi module through UART serial port, once per second.

5)WiFi module transfers the Beacon information (received from BLE module by UART) to the specified UDP server through WiFi, Ethernet or 4G module, and accepts the information returned by the server.

6)Beacon locations can be displayed on the front page after the UDP server after analyzing and
calculating the beacon information. UDP server can also delivered orders to the WiFi module, then sent
it to the bluetooth module to develop different functions (such as lighting lamps, ringing door bell etc.).