GPS Tracker

SKYLAB is a professional GPS manufacturer, which has independently developed and launched GPS vehicle tracking equipment and pet tracking equipment.

SKYLAB's GPS vehicle tracking device is small and easy to carry, with built-in GPS antenna, high sensitivity and fast positioning speed. Backend servers and mobile devices can monitor it in real time or track it periodically. It features communication, location tracking, mileage, geofencing, alarms, smart power saving, remote upgrades, and more. It has been widely used successfully in fleet management service projects in various countries.

SKYLAB's pet tracking device is based on LTE/GPRS network and GPS satellite positioning system. It locates or monitors remote targets through short messages or mutual contact, and adopts the most advanced GPS and AGPS dual positioning. It has been widely used in the field of tracking and positioning of personal pets.

The pet tracking device has the characteristics of miniaturization, portability, IPX-68 waterproof, real-time tracking, and long standby time. It is suitable for dog and cat tracking positioning. You can implement real-time tracking anywhere through a mobile app or tracking platform. This helps protect the pets you care about.

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