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Logistics Express GPS Vehicle Tracking Management Solution

With the rise of online shopping, logistics and express delivery have become more and more important. But both the business owner and the transporter have encountered some problems. For example, the management cost of the logistics company's own vehicles is high, the quality of employees is uneven, and the transportation cost is high.

SKYLAB has developed a vehicle management tracker, which enables logistics companies to grasp the information of transportation vehicles in a timely, accurate and comprehensive manner, and to realize real-time monitoring and scheduling of transportation vehicles. Thereby reducing costs and improving service levels for logistics fleet management.

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Cold Chain Vehicle GPS Tracking Management Solution

The development of transportation makes cold chain transportation increasingly important in the market. At this stage, there are still many problems in the transportation of cold chain vehicles. For example, cold chain trucks often transport food, fruits or medicines that need to be kept fresh, and have very strict requirements on the temperature of the compartment. Once the refrigerated truck fresh-keeping machine fails, the freshness of the goods will be lost.

SKYLAB has developed and launched a GPS tracker for cold chain vehicles. Enterprises can grasp the information of transportation vehicles in a timely, accurate and comprehensive manner, and realize real-time monitoring and scheduling of cold chain vehicles.

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Pet GPS Position Tracker Solution

The forestry department needs to carry out accurate and efficient inspection and calculation plans in terms of disaster statistics, forest classification and forest reserves. The water department needs to inspect the entire lake coast, sewage outfalls, construction sites, solid waste, and floating objects on the water surface.

Based on the needs of refined inspection, drones can be used for high-altitude inspection operations. Shoot and make high-definition digital orthophoto maps along the forestry lakes, and mark the information on the map.

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The company has a strong R&D team with more than 30 senior technicians, of which more than 50% belong to the software algorithm team. The team has been developing indoor positioning products since 2014, and it is an industry leader in ultra-wideband UWB indoor positioning technology. The company has more than 20 intellectual property rights including invention patents. Products have been widely used in smart healthcare, smart elderly care, smart factories, asset management, mining, chemicals, prisons, electric power, bridge and tunnel construction and other industries, serving more than 10,000 customers worldwide.

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