Logistics Express GPS Vehicle Tracking Management Solution

2022-05-31/ By Admin

Logistics Vehicle Tracking demand background

With the rise of online shopping, logistics and express delivery have become more and more important. But both the business owner and the transporter have encountered some problems. For example, the management cost of the logistics company's own vehicles is high, the quality of employees is uneven, and the transportation cost is high.

For the owner of the enterprise, it is difficult to track the goods after they are sent out, and they often fail to reach the destination according to the promised time; at the same time, the brutal loading and unloading of logistics transportation makes the goods often damaged and discarded, causing losses.

SKYLAB has developed a vehicle management tracker, which enables logistics companies to grasp the information of transportation vehicles in a timely, accurate and comprehensive manner, and to realize real-time monitoring and scheduling of transportation vehicles. Thereby reducing costs and improving service levels for logistics fleet management.

Logistics vehicle tracking solution introduction

1、Real-time vehicle tracking management

Enterprises can grasp the position and trajectory information of vehicles in real time, monitor vehicles on the way, and master the operation topics of people and vehicles on the way to ensure safety. It also supports the playback of transportation tracks, and strengthens monitoring and management of the transportation of some special goods.

2、Vehicle electronic fence monitoring

Enterprises can set up electronic fences in relevant areas, and send alarms when vehicles enter or leave the set area to reduce the phenomenon of private use. The vehicle arrives at the customer range or leaves the customer range at a fixed time to remind to ensure that the goods are delivered in time.

3、Vehicle multi-function SOS alarm

In case of emergency, the driver can make an emergency alarm, and at the same time cooperate with the speeding alarm and the fatigue driving alarm to ensure the driver's safe driving.

◆SOS alarm (SMS/GPRS network)

◆Main power cut off (SMS/GPRS network)

◆Ignition report (GPRS network)

◆Speeding alarm (GPRS network)

◆Geo-fence alarm (GPRS network)

◆Traction alarm (GPRS network)

◆Emergency brake alarm (GPRS network)

◆Acceleration alarm (GPRS network)

Vehicle location tracker product recommendation

1、4G LTE Car Vehicle GPS Tracker Device SKG1001

SKG1001 is a 4G full frequency or 4G LTE full frequency GPS tracker, designed for extensive vehicle tracking. Built-in GPS antenna, high sensitivity, fast positioning speed. It has 4 digital inputs (2 positive triggers, 2 negative triggers), 2 digital outputs, 1 serial port, 2 analog inputs, etc. It can be applied to more flexible and complex project requirements.

SKG1001 device is not like GPS navigator, it cannot work independently, it must work with GPS tracking system.

2、Vehicle GPS Tracking Device for Fleet Management SKG1002

The SKG1002 is a GPS tracker designed for a wide range of vehicle tracking application. It has basic I/O interfaces that can be used for GPS vehicle tracking. Its internal GPS antenna has superior sensitivity and fast time to be located. It can be monitored in real time or periodically tracked by a backend server and mobile devices.

The following is an application scenario diagram of the Vehicle Tracking Manager.