UWB Module

SKYLAB researches and develops ultra-wideband indoor positioning products based on UWB technology. Based on the TDOA\TWR positioning algorithm, positioning is carried out by measuring the transmission delay difference between different base stations and mobile terminals.

The UWB positioning system is divided into position awareness layer, network transmission layer, and positioning application layer. Mainly include positioning engine server, intelligent terminal, POE switch, UWB Achor, UWB Tag, UWB module, software interface, etc.

SKYLAB UWB module series products mainly include: SKU603, SKU609, SKU620, etc.

UWB channel: default 3774~4243.2MHz, can be modified to support CH1~5

Positioning Algorithms: TDoA, ToF/TWR, PDoA

Positioning accuracy: 10~30cm

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