Bluetooth Positioning Solution in Preventing Infant Loss in Hospitals

In hospitals, thefts of newborn babies often occur. This kind of thing has a great impact on family and hospital management.

Hospitals rely on traditional personnel management methods, which will inevitably lead to negligence. This kind of vicious event has a negative impact on the hospital's reputation. It is an inevitable trend to improve and strengthen hospital safety management by using technical means.

In order to prevent the loss of infants, SKYLAB provides a Bluetooth location solution. Some hospitals have started to implement Bluetooth programs to prevent babies from losing.


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Hospital Asset Tracking and Location Management Solution

The number of medical equipment has increased greatly due to the rapid development of the hospital. Equipment asset management has become a new challenge. In recent years, with the rise of the Internet of Things, Bluetooth technology will be a variety of hospital equipment for networking to solve the asset management problems.

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Hospital Disinfection Detection and UWB Positioning System Solution

At present, infectious viruses have caused a large number of people in the world to be infected and hospitalized, and even cause life-threatening. In order to reduce the spread of the virus, intelligent disinfection has become an important part of preventing the spread of the virus.

SKYLAB has developed and launched the world's first UWB intelligent disinfecting and detection system. The UWB system can judge the effective disinfection work status of the hospital. It can effectively detect whether the staff's disinfection work is up to standard and predict the amount of disinfectant used. 

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Bluetooth Positioning Solution For Hospital Sterilization

In hospitals, disease control centers and other places, a comprehensive disinfection and sterilization is required. Doing a good job of virus prevention and control disinfection can effectively prevent and interrupt the spread of virus. Prevention and control is greater than treatment, disinfection work in the first place. In the process of hospital spray disinfection, it is impossible to determine whether personnel have done a comprehensive disinfection of the premises.

SKYLAB has developed and launched a spraying and disinfection detection and personnel Bluetooth positioning system. The personnel positioning and disinfection detection system is based on Bluetooth technology development.

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The company has a strong R&D team with more than 30 senior technicians, of which more than 50% belong to the software algorithm team. The team has been developing indoor positioning products since 2014, and it is an industry leader in ultra-wideband UWB indoor positioning technology. The company has more than 20 intellectual property rights including invention patents. Products have been widely used in smart healthcare, smart elderly care, smart factories, asset management, mining, chemicals, prisons, electric power, bridge and tunnel construction and other industries, serving more than 10,000 customers worldwide.

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