Hospital Asset Tracking and Location Management Solution

2023-06-29/ By Admin

The number of medical equipment has increased greatly due to the rapid development of the hospital. Equipment asset management has become a new challenge. In recent years, with the rise of the Internet of Things, Bluetooth technology will be a variety of hospital equipment for networking to solve the asset management problems.

SKYLAB's Bluetooth positioning asset management solution can well determine the specific location of valuable assets and assist in the refined management of enterprise assets.

What are the problems faced by hospital equipment asset management?

(1) The number of hospital equipment, high value, wide distribution, inventory difficulties.

(2) The equipment flows between different departments and is widely distributed, making it difficult to find.

(3) The operating hours of equipment are not clear and cost analysis is not possible.

(4) When equipment is reported to be defective, maintenance personnel cannot find the corresponding equipment in time.

Hospital assets Bluetooth positioning management solution

The administrator will post the Bluetooth positioning beacon on the ceiling with 3M adhesive. Asset location tags are attached to valuable asset equipment. The Bluetooth system realizes the functions of rapid asset inventory, positioning, track, electronic fence, etc. Hospitals can achieve rapid improvement from asset management efficiency. It can reduce the workload of staff and improve the efficiency of inventory.

Asset management Bluetooth positioning system construction

Scheme Description:

(1) Bluetooth beacon: The asset location beacon sends broadcast packets at intervals.

(2) Bluetooth gateway: Scan and collect the broadcast packets of the surrounding Bluetooth beacons, and transmit the MAC address, RSSI value, time, power and other information to the background server through 4G/5G/WiFi/Ethernet.

(3) The background server calculates the position of the Bluetooth beacon (Beacon) according to the RSSI value combined with the map.

(4) The location of reference beacons and asset beacons can be obtained from the server through any mobile phone or display terminal, inventory of fixed assets, and real-time monitoring of fixed assets.

Hospital Bluetooth asset management system functions and features

SKYLAB's Bluetooth positioning asset management solution can well determine the specific location of valuable assets and assist in the refined management of enterprise assets.

(1) Item information management: view the location distribution and real-time location of assets and equipment;

(2) Asset location tracking: The historical movement trajectory of asset equipment can be accurately recorded on the map, and asset trends can be grasped anytime, anywhere;

(3) Electronic fence monitoring: If important assets and equipment exceed the monitoring range delimited by the electronic fence, an alarm will be triggered to strengthen the positioning monitoring of special items.

Application scenarios for hospital asset location tags

(1) Emergency and Operating Room

Emergency medicine has high requirements for real-time location and status of equipment. Due to the number and high demand of some valuable instruments. When multiple surgeries are going on at the same time. Medical staff can clearly understand the use of equipment through the Bluetooth asset location management system. A household personnel can better arrange the next surgical procedures.

(2) Nurse station

Some of the equipment at the nurses' station is moved more frequently and borrowed from each other from time to time. When the equipment is moved and used, all can be viewed through the Bluetooth system. The system obtains accurate equipment location information and captures the trajectory of equipment movement.

(3) Hospital warehouse

Hospital warehouse equipment is easy to be ignored in the inventory process when it is left for a long time. Asset location Bluetooth tags can effectively remind managers of the number of these devices.