What Are The Bluetooth UWB Indoor Positioning Solutions?

2023-06-27/ By Admin

SKYLAB is an indoor positioning solution provider. There are two types of indoor positioning solutions, UWB high accuracy indoor positioning solution and Bluetooth indoor positioning solution. uwb positioning accuracy is 0.3m and bluetooth positioning solution, positioning accuracy is within 2m. SKYLAB positioning technology has been widely used in nursing homes, parking lots, museums, tunnels and other fields.

In this article I introduce to you the 8 common application areas of indoor positioning technology. According to different positioning scenarios, they are divided into Bluetooth positioning solution and UWB positioning solution.

(1)Bluetooth positioning management solution for nursing home personnel

SKYLAB has developed and launched Bluetooth positioning management system for nursing home personnel. SKYLAB Bluetooth positioning system includes passive Bluetooth positioning system and active-passive integrated Bluetooth positioning system.

The Bluetooth positioning system can locate and monitor the location of the elderly in real time. Caregivers quickly and accurately find the elderly to provide assistance. It can provide the elderly activity history track storage and playback, electronic fence function. Security personnel manage the dispatch through positioning to improve management efficiency. In addition, the system records the elderly's such as heart rate, care level, and major illnesses. The nursing home realizes intelligent personnel positioning management through Bluetooth positioning system. It helps to deal with various unexpected emergencies.

(2) Prison personnel UWB positioning management solution

SKYLAB develops and launches UWB indoor positioning system for prison personnel. UWB positioning system can monitor prisoners' location in real time 24 hours a day. The inmates are equipped with tamper-proof UWB location bracelets. It can also achieve track tracking, border crossing alarms, crowd alerting and other functions.

Prison UWB positioning management system can achieve accurate personnel behavior supervision. It can reduce the risk of supervision and law enforcement, and promote the supervision of intelligent work.

(3) Parking lot Bluetooth positioning navigation solution

SKYLAB develops and launches Bluetooth positioning navigation system for parking lots. It can realize the reverse car finding function in the parking lot of shopping mall. Bluetooth positioning is based on beacons and intelligent terminals to achieve positioning and navigation.

This parking solution integrates positioning system, vector map and offline parking system in one. It can realize the functions of parking space information inquiry, parking space reservation, indoor parking guidance, parking space marking, reverse car finding, etc.

(4)Tunnel Corridor Personnel UWB Positioning Management Solution

SKYLAB has developed and launched the tunnel personnel UWB positioning system. It can realize real-time positioning monitoring of tunnel construction personnel. It supports personnel attendance, personnel history track query, alarm management and other functions. For example, SOS, low battery, offline, stay overtime alarm, electronic fence.

Tunnel personnel UWB indoor positioning system can automatically track the location of personnel in real time. Managers can fully grasp the trajectory of personnel activities, location distribution. UWB indoor positioning system can guarantee the safety of construction personnel while effectively improving the efficiency of tunnel personnel management.

(5)Museum Bluetooth positioning and navigation solutions

SKYLAB has developed and launched a Bluetooth positioning and navigation system for museums. It can accurately locate the indoor location of visitors. The Bluetooth system provides exhibit information explanation push according to the personnel's geographical location. The system mainly realizes the precise positioning of personnel, real-time line navigation, historical trajectory, exhibit information pushing and other functions.

(6)Substation personnel UWB positioning security management solution

SKYLAB develops and launches the substation personnel positioning management system. The positioning tags worn by personnel emit position data using UWB pulse signals. The positioning base station measures the distance between the tag and the base station through the signal flight time. The positioning engine collects the distance between different base stations and the tag and calculates the current location of the tag.

UWB positioning system can realize real-time staff positioning tracking, statistics, electronic fence, historical track, dangerous area warning.

(7)Bluetooth positioning navigation solution for exhibition halls

SKYLAB develops and launches Bluetooth indoor positioning system for exhibition halls. It can realize the comprehensive data statistics of personnel. The system background can view the real-time number of personnel and equipment in a certain area. In addition, the system can heat distribution, real-time electronic fence status, access time and other information.

Bluetooth system exhibition enterprises provide line navigation service within the exhibition tube. It realizes line navigation, passenger flow analysis, crowd warning analysis, so as to achieve information management.

(8)Bluetooth UWB asset location management solution

SKYLAB develops and launches Bluetooth UWB asset positioning management system. The system can locate the real-time position of valuable assets. Managers quickly find the equipment when they need to call it, reducing the search time waste.

The manager adds location tags to valuable assets. It enables asset inventory, historical track, asset entrance/exit management and other functions. With the asset location management system, the usage of valuable assets is clear at a glance.