Nursing Home Indoor Positioning Solution

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The aging of the population is intensifying, the number of elderly people is increasing, the function of family care for the elderly is gradually weakening, and nursing homes are used as support. To maintain a healthy and stable development of nursing homes, it is inseparable from the informatization of management, the intelligentization of services, and the rationalization of operating costs.

In order to realize the intelligent management of nursing homes, SKYLAB has launched a set of nursing home personnel positioning management system based on Bluetooth positioning.

Nursing Home Indoor Positioning Solution

SKYLAB is a professional nursing home positioning solution provider. It has launched a nursing home personnel positioning management system based on Bluetooth positioning. The positioning accuracy is within 2 meters. By wearing Bluetooth positioning bracelets or Bluetooth positioning work cards for the elderly or staff, and deploying Bluetooth gateways throughout the nursing home.

It can provide the overall location positioning service of the nursing home, real-time positioning monitoring and management of nursing home personnel, playback of the historical trajectory of the elderly's activities, electronic fence/area alarm, emergency call for help, health information monitoring, physical sign alarm and other functions. Provide help in location positioning for nursing staff to quickly and accurately find the elderly.

Personnel Positioning Management System Architecture

Type 1:Passive Bluetooth Positioning System Architecture

Also called Bluetooth detection and positioning system/network-side Bluetooth positioning system. Relying on SKYLAB's accurate indoor positioning engine algorithm and a rich series of Bluetooth gateways, Bluetooth positioning tags (bands, badges, beacons, etc.), it can achieve positioning accuracy within 2 meters, and provide 24/7 in the positioning area Location detection service.

   The Bluetooth positioning system architecture includes: terminal display devices, servers, positioning engines and algorithms, cloud data transmission, Bluetooth gateways and Bluetooth positioning tags (bands, work cards, beacon, etc.).

Passive Bluetooth positioning system architecture

Type 2: Active and Passive Integrated Bluetooth Positioning System Architecture 

Using SKYLAB advanced Bluetooth positioning engine algorithm, combined with Micropower's ble5.0 Bluetooth gateway, Bluetooth positioning tag and Bluetooth ibeacon and other positioning hardware, it can minimize the use of Bluetooth gateways and save the deployment of Bluetooth positioning hardware. Cost, this active and passive integrated Bluetooth positioning system integrates autonomous navigation and background monitoring, and can achieve high-precision positioning within 2 meters.


The Bluetooth Positioning Hardware is as Follows

1. Bluetooth Gateway Series

SKYLAB has launched a series of Bluetooth gateways (Bluetooth probes) including ble5.0 Bluetooth gateway VDB2603, 4G Bluetooth gateway VDB2605, PA high-power Bluetooth gateway VDB2601, 4.2 Bluetooth gateway VDB2606, etc., easy to configure , Often used for scanning and capturing Bluetooth data such as Bluetooth positioning card, bracelet, ibeacon, etc.

2. Bluetooth Location Tag

Bluetooth positioning tags currently include Bluetooth positioning bracelets, Bluetooth 4.0/5.0 positioning cards, ibeacon positioning base stations, etc., as shown in the figure below.

The Interface of the Nursing Home Personnel Positioning Management System is as Follows

The interface of the nursing home personnel positioning management system is as follows

Nursing Home Bluetooth Positioning Management System Function


Elderly real-time Location Monitoring and Historical Activity Track Record Playback

By wearing Bluetooth bracelets or Bluetooth badges (card type ibeacon) for the elderly, and deploying Bluetooth gateways throughout the venue, the smart nursing platform of Weineng Information can locate and monitor the real-time location of the elderly in real time, providing help for nursing staff to find the elderly quickly and accurately . 

At the same time, in response to various emergencies that may occur, the intelligent nursing platform can replay the historical trajectory of the elderly's activities to help nursing homes deal with various emergencies.

Electric Fence

Through the electronic fence system to divide the various areas of the nursing home, the manager can obtain the division of the elderly into certain specific areas in real time, such as the nursing area and the activity area.

After the Bluetooth probe is fully covered in the nursing home, the out-of-bounds alarm function of the electronic fence can be used to monitor and warn the behavior of the elderly leaving the hospital. 

In addition, the safety of the elderly is ensured by setting a regular stay in a specific area. If the elderly stays in a specific area for a long time, an alarm will be triggered to remind the nursing staff to go and check in time. Based on the heart rate monitoring function of the Bluetooth bracelet, the nursing system can also actively alert the elderly to abnormal heart rate conditions.

Security Personnel Positioning and Dispatching Management

Weineng Information's intelligent nursing platform tracks the security personnel to check whether they are on duty, and timely manage the missing personnel to improve management efficiency. Through the smart nursing system, the manager can accurately obtain the security personnel information of the corresponding area. In the first time an accident occurs, relevant security personnel can be mobilized to deal with it, and security efficiency can be improved.

Medical Staff Positioning Management

Weineng Information's smart nursing platform tracks the location of nursing staff and checks daily work data in detail, including the service content in a day, the number of rooms viewed, the number of elderly people served, and the service time for each elderly person. Using digital statistical methods, it is reasonable to improve the supervision of maintenance personnel, thereby improving service quality and work efficiency.

Health Monitoring, Physical Signs Alarm and Emergency Call for Help

In order to facilitate management and use, Weineng Information's intelligent care platform can follow up various needs of nursing homes and make corresponding user management lists, such as heart rate, care level, and major illnesses.

At the same time, information such as the heart rate and location of the elderly is collected through the Bluetooth bracelet, which will be fed back to the background in real time. When various alarm situations or SOS call for help, it will be alerted in real time through the background.