SKYLAB has developed several SDIO WIFI Modules that utilize the standard SDIO interface protocol. They can be connected to a computer or embedded system with an SDIO interface. These external devices include the following.

(1) Secure Memory

The SDIO WIFI Module can be used to connect a cryptographic card, such as a smart card, to a secure memory. It is used for authentication and secure storage of data.

(2) Wireless communication

It can be used to connect WLAN, Wi-Fi devices, such as Wi-Fi adapters, wireless routers, etc.

(3) Camera

It can be used to connect camera modules, including cell phone cameras, digital cameras, surveillance cameras, etc.

(4) Touch Screen

It can be used to connect touch screen module, such as cell phone screen, tablet screen, etc.

(5) Printer

It can be used to connect the printer to realize the printing function.

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