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Coal Mine Tunnel Personnel Bluetooth Positioning System Solution

SKYLAB can provide Bluetooth positioning system solution for coal mine tunnel personnel. The positioning system is based on Bluetooth communication technology and computer technology. It can realize the data collection and positioning of mine personnel and equipment.

The Bluetooth positioning system can determine the miner's identity and the time of entering the mine. It can also realize mine tunnel personnel positioning, dispatching and rescue. Bluetooth positioning system has the advantages of high positioning accuracy and low positioning cost.

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Coal Mine Tunnel Personnel UWB Positioning Solution

According to the needs of customers, SKYLAB has launched a solution for the positioning of coal mine tunnels in construction sites. It can be used for personnel positioning in tunnels, pipe galleries, construction sites, mines, underground rail transit and other occasions.

The coal mine personnel positioning solution adopts UWB positioning technology. By installing and deploying UWB positioning base stations in the area where the tunnel needs to be positioned, UWB positioning tags are provided for construction personnel or machinery and equipment. The precise location of the construction personnel can be obtained in real time, and the positioning accuracy is as high as 10 cm.

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The company has a strong R&D team with more than 30 senior technicians, of which more than 50% belong to the software algorithm team. The team has been developing indoor positioning products since 2014, and it is an industry leader in ultra-wideband UWB indoor positioning technology. The company has more than 20 intellectual property rights including invention patents. Products have been widely used in smart healthcare, smart elderly care, smart factories, asset management, mining, chemicals, prisons, electric power, bridge and tunnel construction and other industries, serving more than 10,000 customers worldwide.

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