BLE Beacon And UWB Tags For Asset Location Management

2022-09-22/ By Admin

SKYLAB is the world's leading manufacturer of Bluetooth Beacon and UWB Tags. The company provides 4 types of Bluetooth Beacon and UWB tags for asset location management. Asset location management products include 3 Bluetooth Beacon VDB02, VDB03, VDB1620 and 1 UWB tag VDU1506.

asset location management

1、Asset positioning Bluetooth Beacon VDB02

Asset positioning Bluetooth Beacon VDB02

VDB02 is an asset location Beacon equipped with tamper buttons and tamper alarm function.

◆Bluetooth 4.2 beacon

◆Default standby 4.9 years

◆Support mobile app to modify parameters

◆Broadcast distance up to 70 meters

◆Support tamper alarm function

◆Positioning accuracy 3-5 meters

◆Has IP67 dustproof and waterproof

◆Support iBeacon and Eddystone protocols

◆VDB02 supports screw fixing, easy to install

◆Application: Location management of valuable assets and equipment in banks, hospitals, factories and other scenarios.

2、Asset positioning Bluetooth Beacon VDB03

Asset positioning Bluetooth Beacon VDB03

VDB03 is a Bluetooth asset location tag developed by SKYLAB that works in iBeacon mode. The Bluetooth Beacon VDB03 has two styles of tamper-proof and non-tamper-proof.

◆After the VDB03 is disassembled, the alarm information will be uploaded to the management platform

◆Developed based on Bluetooth 4.2

◆iBeacon working mode

◆Positioning accuracy: 3-5 meters

◆Broadcast distance 70 meters

◆SKYLAB provides a matching mobile app to modify parameters

◆Battery life more than 3 years

◆iBeacon (Apple) protocol

◆Application: Asset positioning management in hospitals, enterprises, financial institutions and other scenarios.

3、Asset positioning Bluetooth Beacon VDB1620

Asset positioning Bluetooth Beacon VDB1620

VDB1620 is a tamper-resistant Bluetooth asset location tag. It has a tamper-proof button, and when someone removes the tag, the button pops up. It will send the alarm information to the management platform and notify the management personnel to deal with it in time.

◆Based on nordic nRF52832 solution development

◆Support Bluetooth 4.2/5.0

◆Positioning accuracy: 3-5 meters

◆IP67 waterproof and dustproof

◆Standby 4.9 years

◆Provide supporting mobile app to modify broadcast parameters

◆Compatible with iBeacon and Eddystone broadcast protocols

◆Broadcast distance up to 70 meters

◆Master-slave integration, support scanning and forwarding

Support QR code, NFC custom content

◆Application: asset positioning management, indoor positioning and navigation, information push.

(1)Asset positioning Beacon parameter comparison

Bluetooth BeaconBluetooth standardDimension (mm)Broadcast frequencyBattery life
VDB02BLE4.272*45*26Default 500ms5 years
VDB03BLE4.237.3*23.4*5.1Default 9000ms3years
VDB1620BLE4.272*45*26Default 500ms5 years

(2)Asset positioning Beacon parameter comparison

Bluetooth BeaconWaterproof gradepositioning accuracyTamper proofBroadcast distance
VDB02IP673-5 metersTamper proof70 meters
VDB03N3-5 metersTamper proof70 meters
VDB1620IP673-5 metersTamper proof70 meters

4、Asset positioning UWB tag VDU1506

VDU1506 supports 3M adhesive or screw two fixing methods. Managers fix the UWB label VDU1506 to fixed assets or equipment.

◆Support TDOA positioning

◆Up to 10cm positioning accuracy

◆DW1000 solution

◆Integrate Nordic nRF52832 to achieve low-power standby

◆With SOS button

◆IP66 waterproof and dustproof grade

Application: Asset positioning management in medical institutions and financial institutions.