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Bluetooth Beacon


Anti-tamper Bluetooth Beacon Asset Location Tag VDB1620

The VDB1620 is an anti-disassembly Bluetooth beacon that can be used as an asset tag.

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Working Temperature -40℃~85℃
Wireless Standard Bluetooth®4.2/5.0
Dimension 72*45*26mm

The VDB1620 is an anti-disassembly Bluetooth beacon that can be used as an asset tag. Its broadcast protocol conforms to Bluetooth BLE, including iBeacon (Apple) and Eddystone (Google) . The beacon is usually installed in a suitable location, periodically broadcast to its surroundings, so that other Bluetooth devices such as Bluetooth gateways can scan its broadcast content and calculate the location information. Normally, it is not connected by other BLE host devices, but can be connected through mobile APP, and modify its broadcast parameters and other contents.

Skylab_xBeacon is an APP developed by SKYLAB R&D team for configuring VDB1620 parameters. If you connect VDB1620 with this APP, you can modify its broadcast frequency, power, UUID, Major, Minor, device name and other parameters. These parameters will be broadcast when VDB1620 is in broadcast state.


◆Low Energy


◆Support two-dimensional code, NFC customized content

◆Flexible application

◆Easy to Install

◆The broadcasting distance can reach 70 meters

◆Compliance with RoHS, FCC, CE standards

Product parameters
Dimension   72*45*26mm
Battery   Size AA(Battery No. 5/Excell Industrial Clothing 2600mAh capacity)
working temperature   -40℃~85℃
Sensor parameters reserved, default shipment not posted
Acceleration sensor 3-axis, ± 2G / 4G / 8g / 16g four gear adjustable
Humidity sensor   0%RH~100%RH(±%2RH)
temperature sensor   -20℃~70℃(±0.2℃)
Bluetooth parameters
Wireless standard   Bluetooth®4.2/5.0
frequency range   2400MHz---2483.5MHz
Data rate   1Mbps(Bluetooth ® 4.2);2Mbps(Bluetooth ® 5.0)
modulation technique   GFSK
Wireless security   AES HW Encryption
Transmission power   -40dBm,-20dBm,-16dBm,-12dBm,-8dBm,-4dBm,0dBm,+3dBm,+4dBm
sensitivity   -94dBm at 1Mbps BLE
Operating mode Master slave integration (master mode + slave mode)

VDB1620 is powered by two AA batteries (Nanfu Excell Industrial Equipment) connected in series, making battery replacement more convenient. The battery life is shown in the table below

Broadcast power Coverage Broadcast interval Battery life (months)
+4dBm 70m 100ms 10.2
200ms 19.7
500ms 45.1
1000ms 78.9+
+0dBm(default setting) 50m(default setting) 100ms 13.8
200ms 26.5
500ms(default setting) 58.9(4.9 years)
1000ms 99.2

VDB1620 is widely used in asset positioning management, object positioning and tracking, indoor positioning, indoor navigation, exhibition / Museum navigation, social check-in, advertising push, patrol inspection and other program applications.

1. VDB1620 is used for asset positioning management, asset/item inventory, item positioning tracking, such as supermarket shopping vehicle positioning management, etc.;

2. VDB1620 is used for indoor navigation systems, such as navigation in shopping malls, scenic spots guides, museum navigation, exhibition navigation;

3. VDB1620 can also be used for advertising push and information push based on location information.Such as push commodity coupons.

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