Application of BLE Beacon in Warehouse Asset Location Management

2022-09-23/ By Admin

With the continuous increase in the variety of items, warehouse management is becoming more and more difficult. The complexity of warehouse management increases the operational cost of management. At present, the traditional warehouse manual inventory management has been unable to complete the huge workload.

Application of BLE Beacon in Warehouse Asset Location Management

SKYLAB is the manufacturer company of Bluetooth Beacon. To solve warehouse management problems, SKYLAB provides Bluetooth Beacon asset location management solutions.

What is a Bluetooth Beacon?

Beacon is a broadcast protocol based on the Bluetooth low energy protocol. At the same time, it is also a low-power Bluetooth device, compatible with Apple's ibeacon protocol.

The main purpose of a Bluetooth Beacon is to determine the location of an object. This BLE Beacon tag uses a small size coin cell battery. It can be attached to an object such as cargo, luggage, machinery. This requires a connection bidirectional link in order to pair and establish a relationship with the Beacon tag. After the pairing is complete, the Beacon will send a code regularly.

Why choose Bluetooth Beacon technology?

(1) RFI positioning accuracy, Wi-Fi cost price is relatively high. Bluetooth Beacon has high positioning accuracy, wide coverage and low cost.

(2) Beacon adopts Bluetooth 4.2/5.0 technology, and the power is very low.

(3) The Bluetooth positioning system can view the real-time location and trajectory of the device.

(4) The Bluetooth positioning system supports electronic fence monitoring. When the device moves out of the monitoring range, the system pushes a warning message.

Warehouse Asset Management Bluetooth Positioning System

The Bluetooth positioning system is mainly composed of a signal transmitting node and a receiving processing center. The product consists of Bluetooth Beacon, Bluetooth gateway and management terminal.

Warehouse Asset Management Bluetooth Positioning System

(1) Warehouse asset management Bluetooth Beacon sends broadcast packets at intervals

(2) The Bluetooth gateway scans and collects the broadcast packets of the surrounding Bluetooth beacons. It transmits information such as MAC address, RSSI value, time, power, etc. to the background server.

(3) The server calculates the location of the Bluetooth Beacon according to the RSSI value and the map.

(4) The mobile phone or display terminal obtains the position of the asset Beacon from the server. Managers can monitor and take stock of fixed assets in real time.

Warehouse Bluetooth asset positioning system function

In warehouses, Bluetooth Beacons are placed on top of shelves. Such a Beacon signal can have a larger signal coverage radius. Managers can view the status and trajectory of items in real time in the background. He can view the total number of goods, the consumption quantity, and the remaining quantity, and improve the dispatching and utilization efficiency of goods.

In addition, managers can strengthen the positioning and monitoring of special items through the setting of electronic fences. When the item is out of the set range, the system will alarm to ensure safety.