Comparison of Bluetooth Positioning and UWB Positioning System

2022-09-27/ By Admin

SKYLAB is the world's leading manufacturer of indoor positioning systems. SKYLAB is committed to providing customers with UWB positioning system and Bluetooth positioning system solutions. Many customers do not know how to choose when choosing indoor positioning solutions.

Comparison of Bluetooth Positioning and UWB Positioning System

The editor of SKYLAB analyzes how to choose from the comparison of two indoor positioning systems. The following is a comparative analysis from eight aspects: wireless protocol, positioning principle, positioning accuracy, deployment difficulty, anti-interference, positioning scenarios, mobile phone interaction, and positioning system cost.

Features Of Bluetooth And UWB Positioning Systems

1. Wireless protocol

Bluetooth positioning uses the standard Bluetooth low energy protocol. UWB positioning adopts the IEEE802.15.4-2011 UWB protocol.

2. The principle of positioning

Bluetooth positioning is based on the RSSI value of the Bluetooth transmitter. The Bluetooth receiver detects the strength of the surrounding Bluetooth transmitters. It locates the location of the Bluetooth tag through an algorithm of trilateration.

SKYLAB's UWB positioning system often uses TDOA positioning algorithm and TWR positioning algorithm. The system performs positioning by measuring the transmission delay difference between different base stations and mobile terminals.

3. Positioning accuracy

Bluetooth positioning can achieve positioning accuracy of 3-5 meters. It can roughly know the location of people and objects.

UWB positioning can achieve positioning accuracy of 30-50 cm. It can accurately grasp the real-time location of people, objects, and vehicles.

4. Deployment difficulty

Bluetooth systems are less difficult to deploy. You can deploy Bluetooth gateways or Beacons at intervals of around 5-8 meters. In addition, you can install the Bluetooth system through the base clip.

The deployment of UWB base stations is slightly more difficult. You can deploy UWB base stations at intervals of about 50 meters. In addition, you can use the bracket to install the UWB base station fixedly.

5. Anti-interference

The anti-interference of the Bluetooth positioning system is low. The anti-interference of the UWB positioning system is strong.

6. Positioning the scene

Bluetooth positioning can be used in indoor positioning and navigation, reverse car search, personnel tracking and positioning, asset positioning and other scenarios.

UWB positioning is mainly used in indoor high-precision positioning. It is used to obtain precise position information of people or objects within a certain spatial range.

7. Mobile phone interaction

Bluetooth can easily interact with smartphones. SKYLAB can provide login with different applications such as mobile app, web page, etc.

UWB positioning cannot interact with smart terminals such as mobile phones. SKYLAB provides mobile web page login.

8. The cost of positioning system

The price of the Bluetooth positioning system are relatively low. The cost and price of UWB positioning system are relatively high.

How To Choose An Indoor Positioning System?

You can choose the Bluetooth positioning system when the indoor positioning accuracy is not high. Such as shopping malls, scenic smart tours, museum navigation and other scenarios.

If your budget is insufficient, you can choose a Bluetooth positioning system.