What Is The TWR UWB Indoor Positioning System?

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TWR UWB positioning system kit composition

SKYLAB is the world's leading manufacturer of UWB indoor positioning systems. SKYLAB has developed and produced the TWR UWB positioning system kit. The system kit includes two parts: UWBpositioning base station and UWB label.

The positioning system can use the TWR ranging base station VDU2506 or the core board SKU620. UWB positioning labels are in the form of badges, helmets, bracelets, and other products.

TWR ranging AnchorTWR ranging anchor VDU2506, standard network cable interface (compatible with 485 interfaces, WiFi).
UW Branging ModuleThe core module of TWR ranging base station SKU620, 5V1A power supply, UART/TTL interface are suitable for integration into customer products.
Helmet UWB Tag1000mAh rechargeable battery, suitable for fixed position label, can work continuously when connected to the charger.
Card UWB Tag550mAh rechargeable battery, the card uwb label is suitable for wearing on the chest of the staff

1. TWR Ranging Achor VDU2506

VDU2506 is a UWB positioning anchor that supports TWR two-way ranging. It complies with coal mine safety certification standards and is IP67 waterproof and dustproof. It has the characteristics of full channel ch1-5, standard POE power supply and so on.

VDU2506 anchor supports TWR/TDOA positioning algorithm. It has a positioning accuracy of less than 30 cm and a coverage radius of 400 meters.

TWR ranging base station VDU2506

2. TWR Ranging Module SKU620

SKU620 is a long-distance UWB ranging module covering a range of 500 meters. It is developed based on DW1000 solution, supports IEEE802.15.4-2011 UWB protocol, and integrates nRF52832 main control chip.

SKU620 ranging accuracy is 10cm-30cm, and supports 500m long-distance ranging. SKYLAB provides multiple interfaces, and customers can carry out secondary development of the module.

TWR ranging module SKU620

3. Helmet UWB Tag VDU1506

The helmet UWB positioning tag VDU1506 was developed and launched by SKYLAB. It is developed based on the DW1000 solution and supports up to 1000 meters TWR two-way ranging and positioning

VDU1506 integrates the SOS button, and the staff can alarm with one button when encountering a dangerous situation.

Hard hat uwb label VDU1506

4.Card UWB Tag VDU1501

A card UWB positioning label VDU1501 launched by SKYLAB. It integrates DW1000 and nRF52832 chips and supports TDOA/TWR positioning algorithms.

VDU1501 supports UWB positioning and ranging applications with a positioning accuracy of 10-30 cm. It comes with a lanyard, has an SOS distress button, and is IP67 waterproof.

UWB positioning system installation instructions

1. Installation requirements

In order to achieve the best positioning effect, the following items should be paid attention to when installing the base station:

(1)Accurate calibration requires at least 4 labels to be installed, and the area enclosed by the labels is best for calibration.

(2)All labels should be at least 25 cm away from the wall. Do not block the antenna around the label. If there is a wall surrounding it, move it out as far as possible, and try to stay away from steel products.

(3) The label is placed on a horizontal plane, and there is no obstruction between the label and the base station.

(4)The plane coordinate error of label placement cannot exceed 20 cm.

(5) The positioning accuracy of the device in the three-dimensional interval enclosed by the label will be relatively high.

2. Reference installation model

(1)Install 4 uwb labels on the top four corners of the positioning area.

(2)UWB anchors can be positioned in the three-dimensional space area enclosed by four uwb tags.

(3)The spacing between UWB tags is between 3 meters and 30 meters.

Reference installation model

The operation process of the positioning system

(1)Open the software

(2)Connect the device

(3)Configure the ID of the Tag tag

(4)Start coordinate conversion

(5)Positioning effect demonstration

UWB positioning system background management system

UWB positioning system background management system