Bluetooth Beacon Asset Location Tracking Solution Manufacturer

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The Bluetooth Beacon asset location tracking technology has been applied to equipment management in various industries. Many companies use the Bluetooth Beacon system to accurately locate their various assets. Enterprises can improve the management efficiency of various assets and equipment, thereby saving costs.

Asset management Bluetooth positioning system construction

Asset management Bluetooth positioning system construction

Scheme Description:

(1) Bluetooth beacon: The asset location beacon sends broadcast packets at intervals.

(2) Bluetooth gateway: Scan and collect the broadcast packets of the surrounding Bluetooth beacons, and transmit the MAC address, RSSI value, time, power and other information to the background server through 4G/5G/WiFi/Ethernet.

(3) The background server calculates the position of the Bluetooth beacon (Beacon) according to the RSSI value combined with the map.

(4) The location of reference beacons and asset beacons can be obtained from the server through any mobile phone or display terminal, inventory of fixed assets, and real-time monitoring of fixed assets.

Application of Bluetooth Beacon Asset Location Tracking in Medical Industry

Studies have shown that in hospitals, on average, paramedics waste an hour looking for equipment. It is time-consuming, costly, and dangerous in an emergency. Therefore, medical staff need the fastest speed to find important equipment or key drugs.

Application of Bluetooth Beacon Asset Location Tracking in Medical Industry

In hospitals, devices such as ultrasound machines, concentrators, and mobile lifts can be equipped with Bluetooth Beacons. Through Bluetooth Beacon asset location tracking, managers can see the real-time location of the device.

The hospital can also locate the real-time location of trolleys, wheelchairs and other equipment through Bluetooth Beacon. Administrators can ensure that they can be used in a timely manner when patients need them. This allows hospitals to track equipment in real time while ensuring that valuable equipment is not lost.

By deploying the Bluetooth Beacon asset location tracking system, hospitals can save an average of millions of dollars per year in equipment management costs. In addition, the system can greatly improve equipment safety and use efficiency.

Application of Bluetooth Beacon Asset Location Management Tracking in Manufacturing Industry

In the factory, enterprise managers can know the location of equipment in real time through the Bluetooth Beacon asset location system. Employees use the Bluetooth Beacon asset location system to save a lot of time locating equipment. The system can provide employee productivity, thereby increasing overall productivity.

Application of Bluetooth Beacon Asset Location Management Tracking in Manufacturing Industry

(1) Item information management: view the location distribution and real-time location of assets and equipment;

(2) Asset location tracking: The historical movement trajectory of asset equipment can be accurately recorded on the map, and asset trends can be grasped anytime, anywhere;

(3) Electronic fence monitoring: If important assets and equipment exceed the monitoring range delimited by the electronic fence, an alarm will be triggered to strengthen the positioning monitoring of special items.

3 Bluetooth Beacon Asset Location Tag Products

SKYLAB is a Bluetooth Beacon manufacturer. It has developed and launched products such as VDB02, VDB03, VDB1620, and Bluetooth Beacon for asset location tracking.

(1)Asset location tracking Beacon VDB02

VDB02 is an asset location Bluetooth Beacon with a tamper-evident alarm function. VDB02 has the following characteristics:

◆BLE Bluetooth 4.2 beacon

◆Standby: default parameter setting standby for 4.9 years

◆Support mobile app to modify parameters

◆Broadcast distance up to 70 meters;

◆Support tamper alarm function;

◆Positioning accuracy: 3-5 meters

◆With IP67 dustproof and waterproof rating, it is perfectly suitable for all kinds of asset equipment positioning occasions;

◆Ble low power consumption, long standby time;

◆Support iBeacon and Eddystone protocols

◆Support QR code, NFC custom content;

◆VDB02 supports screw fixing, easy to install;

◆Compliant with RoHS, FCC, CE certification standards

(2)Asset location tracking Bluetooth Beacon VDB03

VDB03 is an asset positioning Bluetooth Beacon, divided into tamper-proof and non-tamper-proof. VDB03 has the following characteristics:

◆Developed based on Bluetooth 4.2

◆iBeacon working mode

◆Positioning accuracy: 3-5 meters

◆Broadcast distance 70 meters

◆Provide matching mobile app to modify parameters

◆Button battery powered. After installation, the default parameters are set, and the battery life is more than 3 years.

◆The broadcast protocol conforms to the Bluetooth BLE broadcast iBeacon (Apple) protocol

(3)Asset location tracking Bluetooth Beacon VDB1620

VDB1620 is a tamper-proof Bluetooth asset location Beacon. VDB1620 has the following main features:

◆Developed based on nordic nRF52832 solution

◆Support Bluetooth 4.2/5.0

◆Configured with physical anti-disassembly buttons

◆Positioning accuracy: 3-5 meters

◆IP67 waterproof and dustproof

◆Under the default parameter settings, the battery can last for 4.9 years

◆Provide supporting mobile app to modify broadcast parameters

◆Compatible with iBeacon and Eddystone broadcast protocols, the working mode can be switched in the mobile app

◆Broadcast distance up to 70 meters

◆Reserve the position of temperature and humidity sensor, users can customize it if necessary

◆Master-slave integration, support scanning and forwarding

◆Support QR code, NFC custom content