10km Long-Distance UWB Ranging Positioning In Maritime Ports

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Maritime ports are generally larger in scale and have a large number of containers. There are many people and materials entering and leaving the port every day. It is difficult to effectively manage a large number of people and assets.How to achieve people and goods management in sea ports?

Marine Port UWB Ranging And Positioning Application Solution

Marine Port UWB Ranging And Positioning Application Solution

SKYLAB has developed a high-precision UWB positioning management system. The system supports TWR/TDOA positioning algorithms. In the actual test in the open area of ​​the sea port, the two-way ranging distance can reach 10 kilometers, and the positioning accuracy is less than 30 cm.

Install UWB positioning base stations in ports/areas, and wear positioning tags for personnel and equipment to achieve accurate real-time positioning of personnel. The system is able to obtain the precise location of personnel and equipment in the port area in real time. This can help managers strengthen the management of people and equipment. Reduce the potential safety hazards caused by the illegal operation of the staff and improve the management level.

UWB Positioning System Architecture

The architecture of SKYLAB UWB High Accuracy Indoor Positioning System consists of UWB Anchor, UWB tags, positioning engine and terminal display device.

(1) UWB Anchor: Install the UWB positioning base station in the sea port. The UWB base station communicates with the positioning tag to realize the function of positioning the UWB tag.

(2) UWB Tag: Staff wear UWB positioning tags, and items are bound with UWB positioning tags. The tags transmit UWB signals to communicate with the base station. Through the calculation of the positioning engine, the label itself is located.

(3) Location Engine: The UWB base station sends raw data to the positioning engine in real time. The positioning engine calculates the coordinate position of the positioning label in real time.

(4) Display Terminal: The positioning coordinates calculated by the UWB positioning engine are displayed on the terminal. The terminal may be a PC, a tablet, a mobile phone, and other devices.

Maritime Port UWB Base Station Tag test

1.Routine functional test of UWB base station tags

Test engineers will conduct detailed tests on the functions of each UWB base station and tag.

2.RF performance test of UWB tags and base stations

The RF performance test of UWB base station tags is the most complex and critical. Including power, frequency calibration, antenna delay calibration, receiving sensitivity test.

3.Product aging stability test

The test engineer will carry out the aging test of the UWB base station tag, and carry out the high and low temperature sampling test.

4.UWB base station positioning accuracy test

Test engineers perform test positioning and ranging for UWB tags in special environments. In the actual test in the open sea port, the UWB base station can achieve long-distance 10 kilometers two-way ranging, and the positioning accuracy is less than 30CM.

UWB base station positioning accuracy test

Main Functions Of UWB High-precision Positioning System

1.Real-time Positioning

Through two-dimensional/three-dimensional display of the location of port construction personnel, materials, and vehicles, real-time tracking, mastering the dynamics, and management, reducing personnel violations and ensuring material safety.

2.Query Historical Track

The UWB system can query the historical activity trajectories of personnel and running vehicles within a time period.

3.Working Hours Statistics

The UWB system can count the working hours of port personnel in real time. It can count the attendance information of personnel in daily and monthly time periods.

4.Electric Fence

The UWB system can set up electronic fences in the port area. This enables secure management of critical areas. Managers can set permissions and alarm violations to ensure safe production in the area.

5.One Key To Call For Help

Once personnel are in danger or need assistance, they use the UWB positioning device they wear to make one-click help. Rescue personnel can carry out rescue according to the location of assistance.

6.Smart Attendance

The UWB system can view data such as personnel's starting time, working hours, work content, and leaving time, and realize intelligent attendance and work assessment.

7.Intelligent Vehicle Scheduling

Through the UWB positioning system, the precise position of each forklift can be located at any time, and the working conditions and dispatching conditions of each forklift can be controlled at any time according to the position of the forklift.

8.Data Analysis

UWB system has perfect data statistical analysis function. The system can display personnel distribution, abnormal behavior push, etc. in real time, and conduct comprehensive and intuitive data display and analysis on the scene.

UWB positioning base station and tag product recommendation

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