What Are The UWB Positioning Application Areas?

2022-09-07/ By Admin

What Is UWB Technology?

UWB is a wireless carrier communication technology with a frequency bandwidth above 1 GHz. Instead of using a sine wave carrier, it uses nanosecond-scale non-sinusoidal narrow pulses to transmit data.

Therefore, it covers a wide spectrum, and even wireless communication can transmit data at a rate of hundreds of megabits per second or more. UWB can transmit signals over a very wide bandwidth.

What Is The Advantage of UWB Technology?

1、UWB transmission speed is fast

The wider the bandwidth, the greater the maximum transfer rate of the system. The bandwidth of UWB communication is above 500MHz, and its transmission rate can also reach above 1Gbps.

2、UWB transmit power is low

The huge bandwidth of UWB ensures low transmit power. In short-range wireless communication applications, the power of the UWB signal transmitted by the transmitter is less than 1mW. This greatly extends battery life and ensures longer system operating time.

3、UWB multipath resolution is high

UWB signals use narrow pulses with short duration and have strong temporal and spatial resolution. The multipath resolution of the system is high, and the whole system can make full use of the energy of the transmitted signal.

In addition, UWB signals have good anti-multipath performance. It is not sensitive to channel attenuation, and the receiver can obtain strong anti-fading ability through classification. Good positioning effect can be obtained in indoor occasions. At the same time, it can achieve higher accuracy in ranging, positioning and tracking.

4、UWB system has good confidentiality

UWB transmit power is low, only below 1mW. It can spread the signal in an extremely wide frequency band. For general communication signals, UWB signals are similar to white noise and can be safely hidden.

The power spectral density of UWB signals is lower than ordinary ambient noise. It is not easy to distinguish UWB signals from ambient noise. This ensures the security of the UWB signal well.

5、UWB positioning accuracy is high

UWB signal has the characteristics of ultra-wide frequency band. The range resolution accuracy of UWB system is hundreds of times that of other systems. The distance resolution capability of UWB signal can reach centimeter level.

6、Strong penetrating ability

Narrow pulses have strong penetrating ability. It can help, for example, the police to search for fugitives in the partition wall. Or rescue those trapped inside buildings.

What Are The Main Application Areas Of UWB?

UWB positioning technology is very extensive in the field of indoor positioning. At present, UWB application fields mainly include factories, nursing homes, prisons, exhibition halls, tunnels, airports, electricity, warehousing and logistics.

1、Factory warehouse

UWB technology

In factories, UWB positioning systems can help traditional factories achieve digital management. The UWB positioning system can view the employee's location, on-the-job time, departure time, and movement trajectory in real time. It can improve the efficiency of post inspection.

The administrator can supervise the location of the warehouse goods through the system background. Prevent the loss of materials and equipment by viewing data such as item location and warehouse.

2、Nursing home

In nursing homes, UWB bracelets or badges are worn for the elderly, and managers can view the location of the elderly in real time. In addition, the UWB system can set up electronic fences to delineate the safe range of activities. Once the elderly walk out of the safe area, the system will give a timely warning. The system notifies the management staff to check to prevent the elderly from getting lost.

It is impossible for the nursing staff to accompany every elderly person 24 hours a day. SKYLAB can integrate the one-key alarm function into the UWB bracelet or badge. Once the elderly encounters a critical situation, the nursing staff can be notified by pressing the button. It can Avoid endangering the life and health of the elderly.

3、Judicial Prison

Prison security management has always been a matter of concern. How does the UWB positioning system manage prisoners?

In prisons, SKYLAB integrates UWB positioning tags into prisoners' wristbands, and the UWB positioning system can monitor prisoners in real time. The system includes functions such as real-time location of personnel, wristband tamper alarm, electronic fence, and tracking and playback of action tracks. It can reduce the risk of regulatory enforcement and prevent accidents.

4、Exhibition hall

In the exhibition hall, the UWB positioning system can realize intelligent guide service. On the one hand, it can guide the audience to the booth they want to go to in real time. In addition, it can also conduct accurate statistics on the location data of the audience. Managers can view the viewing track and stay time of exhibiting customers and staff in the exhibition hall. The system can achieve accurate analysis of the exhibition effect.


At the tunnel construction site, SKYLAB integrates positioning tags into wearable devices such as employee badges and safety helmets. The UWB positioning system has functions such as personnel management, real-time display, and emergency rescue. It can accurately locate the position of workers and ensure the safety of workers during construction.


In the airport, the UWB positioning system can provide the navigation route to the passengers through the mobile device. Passengers can easily find waiting areas, boarding gates, baggage claim and more.

Airport managers analyze passenger density information in different areas through UWB positioning. The system can speed up the measurement of queue progress and streamline passenger flow. In addition, the system can send real-time notifications for gate changes and take-off delays. It can also send promotional messages and more to nearby passengers.