Smart Showroom Exhibition Bluetooth Positioning Solution

2022-06-06/ By Admin

Background of Bluetooth positioning requirements for smart exhibition halls

Nowadays, the scale and volume of various types of exhibitions are increasing day by day. As exhibitors compete to display, the variety and dazzling array of exhibits provide visitors with more choices, but many problems have also arisen. For example, the exhibition area is too large, the audience is easy to get lost in the process of viewing the exhibition, unable to find the target booth in time, and the experience is not good.

SKYLAB has launched a smart exhibition hall solution. Based on WiFi or Bluetooth environment, it provides exhibition management line navigation for exhibition enterprises and arranges the layout of the exhibition reasonably. It can realize comprehensive data statistics, check the area real-time personnel and equipment quantity, heat distribution, real-time electronic fence status, access time and other information, realize the information management of the exhibition center, so as to arrange the layout reasonably.

The Smart Pavilion Solution can Achieve the Following Functions

Exhibition Area Map

The smart exhibition hall solution can provide detailed exhibition area maps for the exhibition hall, so that visitors can understand the distribution of various display areas in the exhibition hall and exhibitor information.

Route Navigation

The smart pavilion solution can locate the user's current real-time location, mark it on the map of the exhibition area, and provide a destination search function, perform optimal path planning, and realize one-click navigation.

Passenger Flow Analysis

Real-time monitoring of the real-time location of exhibitors, security and service personnel in the exhibition hall.

Real-time display of passenger flow data, accumulated passenger flow data and audience list in the exhibition hall in the background.

Based on historical data and today's data analysis, predict the number of visitors to the exhibition hall today.

Historical Track Monitoring

You can select an audience in the list, monitor it in real time, and highlight it.

It can separately show the historical movement track information of the selected audience in the specified time period.

Crowd Density Monitoring, Early Warning Triage

According to the situation of the exhibition in the venue, different areas can be divided by setting the electronic fence.

Real-time monitoring of the density of people flow in the electronic fence area.

According to the preset threshold, provide crowd density alarm push

Exhibition Vehicle Monitoring

According to the needs of the auto show, the exhibition vehicles can be monitored

Real-time position and movement track monitoring can be realized

Security Personnel Management

Intelligent attendance system can realize non-perceived security attendance.

Count the working hours of security personnel in the field and the time of arrival and departure.

Daily evaluation can be carried out through the evaluation system.