What is ble bluetooth wireless module?

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We are all very familiar with Bluetooth technology as it widely uses in daily life. And you will occasionally hear the word Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). So what is ble bluetooth wireless module? What is the difference with Bluetooth? Follow the article to learn more.

Smallest bluetooth module

1. What is Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)?

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE / Bluetooth LE / Bluetooth Smart) – Translation: Bluetooth Low Energy – low energy wireless networking technology use to connect devices together.

These technologies were introduced by Nokia in May 2006 as Wibree, before they were introduced Bluetooth specific tastes group (Bluetooth SIG) was integrated into Bluetooth 4.0 called BLE 2010. Key Criteria of the integrated is Power Consumption Adjustment.

Ble bluetooth wireless module is not seen as an evolution of the Bluetooth standard, a new technology into IoT – devices with low data transfer rates.

2. Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Power: What's the Difference?

In practice, this technology is used for very different purposes:

Compare Bluetooth and BLE

Bluetooth is generally suitable for processing, transmitting and discussing large amounts of data (e.g. audio, video). However, it will be more energy efficient and more expensive.

Ble bluetooth wireless module is suitable for software that does not require large data transmission, so it can receive a small amount of data. And as a result the device can run out of battery in 5 days at a lower cost than Bluetooth because it does not require continuous connection.

3. What are uses of BLE?

Bluetooth Low Energy is available in the market with the expectation that it will bring full effect to the buyers through IoT devices, as it is commonly use in smart devices with a wide range of software. As:

The setup counter tracks the locations of characters with great accuracy – Samsung SmartTag. This is a device that attaches to different objects so that the owner can simply find it when it is needed.

Let's go with us to discover the answer to the question of what BLE is and how it is different from normal ble bluetooth wireless module technology right in the article below.

Samsung Smart Tag

1 smart home with smart mobile phone control, for example, August Smart Lock will turn a buyer's smartphone into an electronic key.

August smart lock

Smart Intelligence provides tracking and marking information on user usage and smart phone data synchronization.

Device Type BLE

4.2 Bluetooth Smart Ready (Dual Mode)

Devices connected to a central location such as laptops, smart phones and laptops use ble bluetooth wireless module Smart Ready chips (Dual Mode).

In the field of healthcare, BLE technology is incorporated into the CGMP device by software, helping to monitor glucose levels.

Dex com G5 Mobile CGM

Beacon, one of the latest developments in local technology and PR, can identify and send product/PR information to customers to the store location through smart phones.

Bluetooth Measure signal

Ble bluetooth wireless module’s central technology software is usually a smartphone, laptop or notebook computer with iOS, Android, Windows Phone and macOS, Linux, Windows 8 and Windows 10 software.

  • 4. BLE device models

There are 2 types of BLE devices, Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth Smart Ready

  • 4.1 Smart Bluetooth (Single Mode)
  • It can only connect to Bluetooth Smart or Bluetooth Smart Ready devices.

5. The pros and cons of BLE.

Every technological device is not always excellent in its own way, it will always have its pros and cons, and for us that is no different, low Bluetooth power.

5.1 Ble bluetooth wireless module Benefits

Firstly, the ability to use minimal power, allowing the device to run for several months or a few years with a coin battery easily just because the machine opens when data is in / out and closes when not, Consecutive data.

 The data models and chips used to design Bluetooth LE are cheap and sophisticated, so the technology is also quite cheap.

VNG nRF51822 BLE module

 Ble bluetooth wireless module works with the 2.4 Ghz ISM band, which avoids interference between WiFi and Bluetooth devices.

ble bluetooth wireless module 2022

The process of establishing a connection and transferring data is very fast (approximately 3 ms). Most importantly, integrating BLE technology into many smart phones on the market today offers many advantages over other smart phones.

Small data transmission with ble bluetooth wireless module

The frequency of ble bluetooth wireless module wavelength in space is 1Mbps. This is the upper limit of the theoretical throughput. However, in practice, this parameter is small due to the impact of many factors.

There are always new technologies being developed to meet and solve the needs in modern society. And BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) is one of those technologies. Let’s go and find out what BLE is right in the following article.

Bluetooth technology has become so familiar to users of technology devices from phones, headphones, smart speakers, etc. So have you heard of a technology called Ble bluetooth wireless module and wondered what it is?

What is Bluetooth Low Energy Technology?

 A technology that was originally designed by Nokia in 2006, before being announced and implemented by the Bluetooth SIG in parallel with the release of Bluetooth 4.0 in 2010 called Bluetooth. Low Energy (abbreviated as BLE or also known as Bluetooth Smart).

BLE is a wireless connection and communication technology using the 2.4 GHz band with the outstanding feature of consuming very little power while maintaining a stable connection in a wider range than Bluetooth.

What is the difference between ble bluetooth wireless module and BLE?

Bluetooth and BLE are not the same in terms of working mechanism and how they are applied.

Both technologies actually have very different purposes. Traditional Bluetooth is suitable for processing, transferring and exchanging large amounts of data on a non-stop basis (e.g. in audio transmission to headphones). However, it consumes more power and costs a lot more.

As a result, BLE technology, on the other hand, is suitable for applications. That does not require the transfer of large amounts of data and thus can only recover some information (such as time or temperature).

Conclusion ble bluetooth wireless module

The device can run on battery power for several years at a lower cost than Bluetooth, as it does not require a constant connection. This makes ble bluetooth wireless module suitable for IoT (Internet of Things).

BLE can establish up to 20 connections at a time. It supports more concurrent connections as it transmits small data packets and establishes fast connections. Bluetooth can only establish 7 simultaneous connections.