Cold Chain Vehicle GPS Tracking Management Solution

2022-06-02/ By Admin

Cold Chain Vehicle GPS Tracking demand background

The development of transportation makes cold chain transportation increasingly important in the market. At this stage, there are still many problems in the transportation of cold chain vehicles. For example, cold chain trucks often transport food, fruits or medicines that need to be kept fresh, and have very strict requirements on the temperature of the compartment. Once the refrigerated truck fresh-keeping machine fails, the freshness of the goods will be lost.

At the same time, the driving distance is long, and it is difficult to monitor the fuel and cargo of the vehicle. Car oil and goods are often stolen, resulting in property damage. In addition, the cold chain vehicle has a vast driving area, huge driving data, difficult vehicle management and control, and difficult to control fuel consumption loss.

SKYLAB has developed and launched a GPS tracker for cold chain vehicles. Enterprises can grasp the information of transportation vehicles in a timely, accurate and comprehensive manner, and realize real-time monitoring and scheduling of cold chain vehicles.

Cold Chain Vehicle GPS Tracking Solution introduction

1、4G LTE Car Vehicle GPS Tracker Device SKG1001

SKG1001 is a 4G full frequency or 4G LTE full frequency GPS tracker, designed for extensive vehicle tracking. Built-in GPS antenna, high sensitivity, fast positioning speed. It has 4 digital inputs (2 positive triggers, 2 negative triggers), 2 digital outputs, 1 serial port, 2 analog inputs, etc. It can be applied to more flexible and complex project requirements.


◆Location data transmission GPRS network (TCP/UDP)

 ◆Command-SMS/GPRS network/serial port

(2)Location Tracking

◆Real-time location monitoring/query

◆Movement tracking (time interval)

◆Stop line (time interval)

◆Track by distance

◆Turn report

(3)GPS Mileage

GPS mileage report/GPS mileage coefficient is adjustable


25 rectangular geofences

(5)Alert (event)

◆SOS alarm (SMS/GPRS network)

◆Main power cut off (SMS/GPRS network)

◆Ignition report (GPRS network)

◆Speeding alarm (GPRS network)

◆Geo-fence alarm (GPRS network)

◆Traction alarm (GPRS network)

◆Emergency brake alarm (GPRS network)

◆Acceleration alarm (GPRS network)

(6)Blind Spot

When the data is in the buffer zone, it is in the blind zone of the GPRS network. 5K-40K historical blind zone data can be selected, and the default is 5K.

2、Vehicle GPS Tracking Device for Fleet Management SKG1002

The SKG1002 is a GPS tracker designed for a wide range of vehicle tracking application. It has basic I/O interfaces that can be used for GPS vehicle tracking. Its internal GPS antenna has superior sensitivity and fast time to be located. It can be monitored in real time or periodically tracked by a backend server and mobile devices.


The default combination condition report, the combination conditions are as follows: a piece of current position information is reported when moving for 10s, reporting for 120s at rest, and reporting current position information when a turning angle exceeds 30 degrees

(2)Ignition /flameout report

Ignition and flameout incident report, when ignition or flameout incident occurs, report immediately

(3)Main power failure alarm

After detecting that the main power cord is disconnected, report the current location information and alarm information

(4)Low voltage alarm

If the main power supply voltage is low (12V lower limit is 10.5V,24V lower limit is 21V), the current position and alarm information will be reported.

(5)Speeding alarm

The platform sets the maximum speed limit value. When the GPS speed is greater than the set value, an overspeed alarm will be reported.

(6)Oil circuit control

Support platform and SMS to send oil cut and restore oil circuit operation

(7)electric fence

Support in and out fence alarm

(8)Trailer alarm

Support acc off, alarm when the vehicle moves beyond the set range

(9)Blind spot make-up pass

Support local storage of the last 1000 location records

(10)Dual positioning

Report location information including base station and GPS positioning information

(11)SOS trigger

Low trigger can collect car door sensor or SOS button status

The following is an application scenario diagram of the Vehicle Tracking Manager.