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GPS Tracker


4G Vehicle GPS Tracking Device for Fleet Management Tracker SKG1002

The SKG1002 is a GPS tracker designed for a wide range of vehicle tracking application. It has basic I/O interfaces that can be used for GPS vehicle tracking.

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Waterproof Waterproof
Dimension(L×W×H) 86*60*25mm

The SKG1002 is a GPS tracker designed for a wide range of vehicle tracking application. It has basic I/O interfaces that can be used for GPS vehicle tracking. Its internal GPS antenna has superior sensitivity and fast time to be located. It can be monitored in real time or periodically tracked by a backend server and mobile devices.


Functions Description
Tracking The default combination condition report, the combination conditions are as follows: a piece of current position information is reported when moving for 10s, reporting for 120s at rest, and reporting current position information when a turning angle exceeds 30 degrees
Ignition /flameout report Ignition and flameout incident report, when ignition or flameout incident occurs, report immediately
Main power failure alarm After detecting that the main power cord is disconnected, report the current location information and alarm information
Low voltage alarm If the main power supply voltage is low (12V lower limit is 10.5V,24V lower limit is 21V), the current position and alarm information will be reported.
Speeding alarm The platform sets the maximum speed limit value. When the GPS speed is greater than the set value, an overspeed alarm will be reported.
Oil circuit control Support platform and SMS to send oil cut and restore oil circuit operation
electric fence Support in and out fence alarm
Trailer alarm Support acc off, alarm when the vehicle moves beyond the set range
Blind spot make-up pass Support local storage of the last 1000 location records
Dual positioning Report location information including base station and GPS positioning information
Remote upgrade Support remote OTA terminal software
Smart power saving Support partial dormancy and power saving by turning off GPS module in static mode.
Air configuration Support platform and SMS to parameter equipment and query
AC detection High trigger can collect car AC air conditioner switch or other high trigger state quantity
SOS trigger Low trigger can collect car door sensor or SOS button status
Buzzer Optional for overspeed alarm, local prompt (cannot be used at the same time as the fuel and electricity function)
Parameter Description
working voltage DC9-55V
Working current 25mA@12V/10-15mA@12V in power saving mode
Size 86*60*25mm
Positioning Method LBS+GPS
Positioning Error Positioning error <10m (CEP95) The base station positioning error is based on the base station density in the interval
Protocol TCP
Working Temperature -25 °C – 65 °C
Storage Temperature -40 °C – 85 °C


Weight 100g
Working Time 0.5h, in a static state

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