UWB Indoor Positioning and Tracking Solution

2022-06-07/ By Admin

The high-precision UWB positioning tracker system developed by SKYLAB adopts the TDOA high-precision positioning algorithm. It supports positioning accuracy of up to 10 cm, and can be applied to 0-dimensional presence detection, one-dimensional, two-dimensional, and three-dimensional positioning modes. It is suitable for positioning, tracking and navigation of indoor stationary or moving people or objects.

UWB Positioning System Architecture

The architecture of SKYLAB UWB High Accuracy Indoor Positioning System consists of UWB Anchor, UWB tags, positioning engine and terminal display device.

(1) UWB Anchor: UWB Indoor Positioning System requires that the UWB Anchor should be installed in the positioning area in advance. The Anchor communicates with tags through UWB signal to achieve location function.

(2) UWB Tag: The person or asset that needs to be positioned must wear or tied with UWB tag. The tag transmits UWB signal to communicate with UWB Anchor, after calculated by location engine, the tag can be positioned.

(3) Location Engine: UWB Anchor send the original data to the location engine through network in real time, location engine which running algorithm calculate the coordinate position of the tag in real time.

(4) Display Terminal: The positioning coordinates of the tag calculated by the location engine are generally displayed on a terminal which may be any device with a browser, such as PC computer, tablet and mobile phone.

UWB Positioning Tag

UWB positioning tags
UWB watch

UWB Positioning System Background Display

Advantages of UWB High Accuracy Indoor Positioning System

SKYLAB UWB Indoor Positioning System with high accuracy up to 10cm, super long coverage radius as >=50m, easy to maintain and extend. 3 UWB Anchors form a basic positioning system, achieving stable and high accuracy 2D indoor positioning, less UWB Anchor quantity required, lower deployment cost of hardware.

(1) TDoA High Accuracy Indoor Positioning algorithm based on research and development of 95Power.

(2) Support 0D existence/1D linear/2Dl/3D planar hybrid High Accuracy Indoor Positioning algorithm.

(3) Achieve rich positioning functions: Real-time indoor positioning, historical track playback, electronic fence, data statistics, etc.

(4) The location engine can be deployed on the user's local or cloud server as needed.

(5) Support distributed server, provide unlimited function expansion.

(6) Provide an open HTTP API interface to support rich interface data and function extension

(7) The quantity of Anchors and tags can be greatly expanded

(8) Hardware program can be remote upgraded and configured.

Application Scenarios of UWB High Accuracy Indoor Positioning System

SKYLAB UWB High Accuracy Indoor Positioning System can be applied to Prisoner Positioning, Old People Care House, Logistics and Warehousing Industry, Construction Personnel Positioning, Passenger Flow Analysis of 4S Shop, Underground Mine and Tunnel Personnel Positioning, Asset Tracking, Personnel Positioning of Power Plant, Smart Factory, Petrochemical Plant, etc.