Bluetooth Positioning and Navigation Solution

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The active Bluetooth positioning and navigation system developed by SKYLAB uses high-performance Bluetooth positioning engine algorithms, based on ultra-low-power beacon positioning base stations, with positioning accuracy within 2 meters, supporting a variety of mobile terminals for high-precision indoor positioning, and real-time Functions such as positioning, path planning, voice navigation, and reverse car search can be integrated into WeChat official accounts, mini-programs, and APPs.

Bluetooth Positioning and Navigation Solution

Active Bluetooth Positioning and Navigation System

SKYLAB active Bluetooth positioning system, also called terminal-side Bluetooth positioning system. It is composed of smart terminal devices (Android iOS phones, tablets, etc.) that have been embedded or downloaded SDK software packages and Bluetooth ibeacon devices. The system block diagram is as follows:


The principle of the active Bluetooth positioning system is to determine the relative position between the Bluetooth host and ibeacon through the RSSI value, as follows:

(1) Deploying Bluetooth ibeacon beacons in the positioning area generally requires at least 3 ibeacons, and ibeacon will broadcast a data packet to the surroundings at regular intervals;

(2) When a terminal device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) enters the signal coverage of ibeacon, it will scan and receive the data packets (MAC address and signal strength RSSI value) broadcasted by Bluetooth ibeacon;

(3) The terminal device can mark the current location on the map of the terminal device by downloading the positioning algorithm and map to the mobile phone and interacting with the background map engine database.

Bluetooth Positioning System Engine Algorithm


iBeacon for Active Bluetooth Positioning System

SKYLAB active Bluetooth positioning and navigation system involves the following ibeacon devices, ultra-low power consumption, long standby time, indoor and outdoor types, you can choose according to specific positioning scenarios!


Advantages of Active Bluetooth Positioning System

SKYLAB active Bluetooth positioning system has high accuracy, large number of users, and high concurrent access. It also supports intelligent path navigation, software modularization, open architecture design, flexible integration of third-party applications, low power consumption of ibeacon devices, and support Long standby time. It is easy to deploy, easy to maintain, etc. It also supports access to mobile apps, mini programs, and WeChat official accounts.


Active Bluetooth Positioning System Application Scenarios

Application scenarios: shopping malls, attractions, parking lot positioning navigation (reverse car search), hospitals, nursing homes, exhibitions, airports, railway stations, exhibition halls, museums, etc.