Judicial Prison Staff UWB Positioning Management Solution

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The prison guards in the prison cannot accurately grasp the position of the prisoners in the prison in real time. There is a possibility of a blind spot for supervision, which leads to hidden dangers such as illegal gatherings, fights, and escapes.

Judicial Prison Staff UWB Positioning Management Solution

SKYLAB has launched a prison personnel positioning management solution based on UWB positioning technology for justice, prisons, detention centers, etc.

Install UWB positioning base stations in the activity area of prison personnel. Wear UWB positioning tags for prisoners and prison guards, such as UWB positioning bracelets. Through the calculation of the high-precision UWB positioning engine in the background, accurate real-time positioning of prison personnel is realized.

Through this UWB positioning personnel management system, prison managers can keep abreast of the real-time location, activity track and personnel distribution of prison personnel in various areas of the prison at any time. The system supports all-weather dynamic roll call, 24-hour location monitoring and trajectory tracking of prisoners, making prison management more intelligent.

UWB Positioning Prison Staff Management System Architecture

The UWB positioning prison personnel management system developed by SKYLAB is mainly composed of three parts: a high-precision UWB positioning engine server, a UWB positioning Anchor, and a UWB positioning tag. The UWB positioning system architecture is shown in the figure below:

(1) UWB positioning Anchor: The UWB positioning system requires that the UWB positioning Anchor be installed in the positioning area in advance. Working in the 6.5GHz frequency band, receiving tag information in time, the UWB positioning Anchor communicates with the positioning tag through the UWB signal to realize the function of positioning the UWB tag.

(2) UWB positioning tags: UWB positioning tags are generally worn on the wrists of prisoners or prison guards as UWB (Ultra Wide Band) information transmission modules. The UWB positioning tag transmits UWB signals, communicates with the Anchor, and is solved by the UWB positioning engine to realize the positioning of the tag itself.

(3) UWB positioning engine server: The UWB Anchor sends the raw data to the positioning engine through the network in real time, and the positioning engine runs the positioning algorithm to calculate the coordinate position of the positioned tag in real time.

(4) Terminal display device: The coordinates of the located tag calculated by the UWB positioning engine will be displayed on the terminal (PC, tablet, mobile phone, etc.).

UWB Positioning Four Modes

The UWB positioning management system for prison personnel launched by Weineng Information can realize 0-dimensional existence monitoring, 1-dimensional corridor/tunnel high-precision positioning, two-dimensional plane positioning and three-dimensional positioning. The schematic diagram of the positioning mode is as follows:

UWB Locates the Characteristics of Prison Personnel Management System

(1) Centimeter-level positioning accuracy: This positioning system uses ultra-wideband UWB positioning technology, with high centimeter-level positioning accuracy (according to the actual situation of the positioning occasion, the positioning error is 10-30 cm), the false alarm rate is low, and the application interface is provided. Simple and convenient development and integration;

(2) UWB positioning Anchor has a wide coverage: The UWB positioning Anchor used in this system has a measured coverage of more than 50 meters (not compromised), and the signal is stable. UWB positioning only needs to deploy a UWB positioning Anchor every 80 meters or so to achieve stable high-precision positioning.

(3) Easy secondary development: Microenergy information provides application interfaces to facilitate customer integration and secondary development applications.

UWB Positioning System Anchor and Tags

UWB Positioning Anchor

UWB anchor VDU2506.jpg

UWB Location Label

The UWB positioning tag commonly used by prison personnel is the UWB positioning bracelet, which is convenient to wear and has many types. It is divided into a detachable positioning bracelet and a non-detachable positioning bracelet.

UWB positioning tags
UWB watch

UWB Positioning Prison Staff Management System Function

(1) Real-time Personnel Positioning and Tracking

The area where the UWB positioning Anchor is deployed in the prison can be viewed at any time, and the distribution of personnel can be visualized to solve the problem of difficult real-time monitoring.

(2) Analysis of Motion Track Playback

The location system can be used to inquire about the historical movement trajectory of the positioned person, trace every detail, have a basis for accountability, and analyze the abnormal movement trajectory.

(3) Electronic Fence

An electronic fence can be set up in a specific area of ​​the prison to monitor the entry and exit of people in this area, and give an alarm when a person exceeds the electronic fence area.

(4) Gather the Crowd to Report to the Police

Judge a certain area of ​​the prison (such as a certain room), and give early warning of crowd gathering behavior when the number of people exceeds a certain number. Prevent problems before they happen, and effectively reduce the probability of violence and unrest.

(5) Dynamic Roll Call

Prison management personnel can view information such as the current number of people who should arrive, the actual number of people, the number of missing people, and those who have not arrived on the terminal.

(6) Early Warning of Police Situation

The UWB positioning bracelet can integrate a one-key alarm function. When a police officer encounters an emergency, the one-key alarm function informs the console of the location of the incident, which is convenient for the console to mobilize management and control personnel nearby for emergency treatment.