How to Use Nordic nRf52832 Gateway  for Indoor? 

2022-05-19/ By Admin

Firstly, the BLE nordic nrf52832 gateway is widely used in indoor navigation and positioning systems. It is a device that supports communication between intelligent equipment (sensors, beacons, switches, etc.) and products based on Bluetooth wireless technology.

nordic nrf52832 module

Secondly, during operation, the sensors find all available gateways in their environment and send signals with the specified information, and the latter receive these pulses and send them to the cloud server. This solution provides efficient management of BLE devices. Itallows you to control the location of objects in real time.


The nordic nrf52832gateway is characterized by low power consumption and does not require high operating costs. The cost-effectiveness of the device is combined with a wide range of other features:

The equipment is weather resistant and can be used even in harsh weather conditions. The cost of implementing BLE gateways into an enterprise infrastructure is quite low. This makes the equipment more cost-effective compared to some other IoT solutions.

Devices are maintainable. If individual parts fail, they can be easily and inexpensively replaced. The nordic nrf52832 gateway is capable of supporting various protocols, including HTTPS/HTTP, MQTT.

Devices can transmit data using GSM, Wi-Fi or Ethernet

Further, during operation, the gateway performs adaptive frequency switching according to environmental conditions. In other words, the device reduces noise and interference and allows sensors or beacons to work effectively even in noisy environments.


Navigine actively uses the Bluetooth Low Energy Gateway to implement its solutions. Its application can take place in several scenarios - asset tracking, personnel monitoring, Bluetooth marketing, indoor navigation.

  • Asset tracking in industry and warehouses

Through, nordic nrf52832 gateways, you can accurately locate assets in warehouses and industrial plants. Constant monitoring provides detailed information about the movement of equipment, its condition, working hours during the day.

Furthermore, if you install beacons on forklifts and other equipment, they will transmit data to the gateways about the location of the equipment in real time, as well as warn about leaving the enterprise or a potential collision.

As well as, the use of nordic nrf52832 allows you to more clearly plan the tasks for the use of assets, reduce equipment downtime, and optimize logistics processes.

Employee movement monitoring

Management and control over personnel is not an easy task, which can be effectively solved with the help of beacons and gateways. To constantly monitor the movements of employees, In addition, it is enough to provide each of them with a special tag, which has a built-in Bluetooth beacon.

Beacons will constantly send information about the location of a person, and the gateway will receive this data and send it to the server for processing. With this approach, you can:

Improve coordination processes

  • Nordic nrf52832 Reduce the time for employees to perform specific work;
  • Minimize the number of emergency situations;
  • Adjust daily tasks in real time;
  • Make decisions faster in the event of an emergency.

How Bluetooth Marketing and advertising?

Moreover, the use of nordic nrf52832 gateways allows you to improve the quality of customer service and get additional marketing channels to expand your customer base. If you install beacon beacons and BLE gateways throughout the store, then every time a visitor enters the coverage area of ​​the devices.

He will receive notifications on his phone with advertising, information about discounts, promotions or bonus offers. With the help of technology, you can promote a brand or individual products, collect feedback.

As well as, we provide interactive tips with data about a particular product. All this together increases the effectiveness of the marketing campaign and makes customers more loyal to the outlet.

Indoor nordic nrf52832 navigations

In fact, technologies can use both in shops and in hospitals, museums, airports, railway stations. The systems help to build interactive maps of buildings, lay routes to places of interest, find necessary goods and other objects.

nordic nrf52832 module 2022

Indoor navigation using a smartphone app significantly improves the user experience and allows you to optimize the movement of visitors.

Nordic nrf52832 Gateways by are an affordable gateway with a Wi-Fi backhaul that allows you to more accurately determine the location of objects. Eventually, works on the principle of Plug & Play, simplifies network deployment, since it does not require the installation of additional equipment.


Navigine works closely with leading manufacturers of equipment for determining the location of objects. When implementing platforms for tracking and navigation, we use BLE gateway from our technology partners.

Who offer reliable equipment with a high level of security and data transfer speed? So, in the organization of positioning systems, the following gateways can be used:

Minew's G1 IoT Gateway is a powerful Wi-Fi ready reader with WPA 2.0 corporate encryption. The data transfer range of the device is 300 meters; the Wi-Fi data transfer rate is up to 300 Mbps. Supports AWS, Azure, and Google IoT cloud platforms and saves information on the TF card even when the network is off.

What is Bluetooth connection?

Bluetooth is the short-range wireless exchange of data between electronic devices. This nordic nrf52832 technology supports the transmission of data over short distances between mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and with fixed devices without the need for a cable to transmit.

The equipment provides communication in two directions, that is, it can both send and receive data. Gateway functions include data security. For example, it can lock and require users to unlock with a password to connect to Bluetooth

Bluetooth connection between devices

Moreover, bluetooth uses 2.4GHz radio waves. Although they use the same frequency as Wi-Fi technology, they do not conflict with each other because Bluetooth uses frequencies with shorter wavelengths.

Bluetooth is an electronic standard, which means that manufacturers who want to have this feature in their products must follow the Bluetooth standard requirements for their products. These nordic nrf52832 specifications ensure that devices can recognize and interact with each other when using Bluetooth technology.

Applications of Bluetooth

The people are probably most familiar with when using nordic nrf52832 is transferring files, but the reality is that it can do much more.

The outstanding applications of Bluetooth include:

  • Wireless control and communication between a mobile phone and a wireless headset.
  • Wireless networking between personal computers in a narrow space requires little bandwidth.
  • Lastly, communicates wirelessly with computer input and output devices, such as mice, keyboards, and printers.