Hospital Disinfection Detection and UWB Positioning System Solution

2023-06-15/ By Admin

At present, infectious viruses have caused a large number of people in the world to be infected and hospitalized, and even cause life-threatening. In order to reduce the spread of the virus, intelligent disinfection has become an important part of preventing the spread of the virus.

At present, the main problems encountered in the disinfection work of hospitals are as follows:

(1) In the prior art, it is impossible to automatically detect whether the area is disinfected

(2) The work progress of disinfection cannot be obtained accurately

(3) Serious waste of disinfectant

SKYLAB has developed and launched the world's first UWB intelligent disinfecting and detection system. The UWB system can judge the effective disinfection work status of the hospital. It can effectively detect whether the staff's disinfection work is up to standard and predict the amount of disinfectant used.

Architecture of Hospital Disinfection Testing and UWB Positioning System

Architecture of Hospital Disinfection Testing and UWB Positioning System

The spray disinfection detection and positioning system is based on UWB positioning technology. The system consists of UWB tags, UWB base stations and positioning software.The UWB system locates personnel with an accuracy of up to 10 cm.

It can accurately monitor the real-time location of disinfection personnel, visit places, record historical movement trajectories, etc. At the same time, the UWB system can detect the disinfection effect in real time and update the disinfection status of each disinfection area in time.

Disinfection detection and UWB positioning principle

(1) Disinfection detection terminal equipment is arranged in key locations. Through humidity terminal sensors, managers can determine whether indoor places are effectively disinfected.

(2) Through the UWB module products in the equipment, the system can monitor and locate the disinfection personnel in real time. The computer terminal can display the location and status of specific firefighters.

(3) Disinfection detection terminals are arranged in key monitoring areas. When the detection terminal shows that the disinfection is not up to standard, the specific location can be displayed on the computer side. Personnel can carry out secondary disinfection.

(4) Through the flow detection sensor, personnel can predict the amount of disinfectant to be used. The humidity terminal sensor can determine whether the disinfection is effective or not.

Advantages of disinfection detection and UWB positioning systems

(1) Easy and flexible deployment of disinfection detection terminals

(2) UWB-based positioning technology development

(3) High accuracy of personnel positioning, up to 10 cm

(4) Real-time visualization of positioning and disinfection effects

(5) Short detection time, disinfection effect can be displayed in 1 minute on site

(6) UWB system will carry out secondary disinfection reminders

(7) Mobile phone PC can view the effect in real time

(8) Flow sensor monitors the amount of disinfectant used