Bluetooth Positioning Solution in Preventing Infant Loss in Hospitals

2023-06-19/ By Admin

Market Demand of Bluetooth Application In Hospitals

In hospitals, thefts of newborn babies often occur. This kind of thing has a great impact on family and hospital management.

Hospitals rely on traditional personnel management methods, which will inevitably lead to negligence. This kind of vicious event has a negative impact on the hospital's reputation. It is an inevitable trend to improve and strengthen hospital safety management by using technical means.

Application Of Bluetooth Location To Prevent Infant Loss In Hospital

In order to prevent the loss of infants, SKYLAB provides a Bluetooth location solution. Some hospitals have started to implement Bluetooth programs to prevent babies from losing.

Bluetooth Location Principle For Preventing Infant Loss In Hospital

Deploy the SKYLAB Bluetooth gateway at a suitable location in the Women's and Children's Hospital. Wear a Bluetooth bracelet on a newborn baby. Bracelets are available in wearable, wristband, sling and other shapes.

Use with SKYLAB Bluetooth gateway (Bluetooth 5.0 gateway VDB2603, 4G Bluetooth gateway VDB2605, etc.). The bracelet continuously broadcasts Bluetooth signals (Mac address, RSSI value, etc.), and the Bluetooth gateway scans the broadcast information of the bracelet and uploads it to the background server.

When the background server cannot receive the information of the Bluetooth bracelet, the background will send an alarm. This will prevent newborn loss.

Block Diagram Of Bluetooth System For Preventing Infant Loss In Hospital

SKYLAB Bluetooth Gateway Application - The block diagram of the hospital baby anti-lost application is as follows:

A women's and children's hospital uses a Bluetooth gateway for baby anti-lost and anti-theft applications as follows:

1. Bluetooth gateway device powered by 5V adapter. The customer's use scenario is the hospital, which can simplify the wiring. The WiFi of the Bluetooth gateway is connected wirelessly.

2. The layout of the Bluetooth gateway is different according to the different geographical environments of the Women's and Children's Hospital.

(1)Small room type

each room can be configured with a Bluetooth gateway. Just ensure that the Bluetooth gateway can scan the broadcast information of the Bluetooth bracelet after the baby wearing the bracelet enters the room;

(2)Empty hall or corridor environment

The user deploys a Bluetooth gateway every 8 meters or so .Make sure that the Bluetooth gateway can cover all scanning areas. Make sure it can capture the broadcast information of the Bluetooth bracelet stably.

What are the advantages of baby anti-theft Bluetooth positioning?

Compared with traditional RFID technology, Bluetooth-based technology has obvious advantages. It is mainly reflected in the rich functions and strong system scalability.

(1) Real-time positioning

The Bluetooth real-time positioning accuracy is high, and at the same time, historical trajectory query can be realized.

(2) Rich in functions

The Bluetooth wristband adds functions such as baby anti-wrong holding. It can also monitor the baby's life in real time

(3) Strong expandability

The background nurses of the Bluetooth positioning system communicate with each other and can be easily managed.

What are the advantages of SKYLAB smart baby Bluetooth bracelet?

(1) Anti-disassembly

The Bluetooth bracelet is equipped with a Hall sensor. If it is dismantled it will trigger an alarm.

(2) Anti-embarrassment

The OLED display of the Bluetooth bracelet displays baby and mother information. It can effectively prevent the baby from being held wrongly.

(3) Anti-shedding

The Bluetooth bracelet has a high safety factor. It has an anti-drop wrist strap buckle, so mothers don't have to worry about the bracelet falling off.