Application of Bluetooth Beacon in Indoor Positioning

2022-03-14/ By Admin

What is a Bluetooth Beacon?

Beacon is a broadcast protocol based on the Bluetooth low energy protocol. It is also a low-power Bluetooth device with this protocol. Beacon devices are usually placed in a fixed position indoors and broadcast continuously to the surroundings. But it can't connect with any low-energy Bluetooth host, all broadcast data are arranged under certain rules!

What are the applications of Bluetooth Beacon?

Usually, Bluetooth Beacon can be used for indoor positioning. Use Beacon to locate and collect big data.

Airport location tracking

(1) Airport location tracking

In the future, the indoor positioning technology of the airport should be widely used in the tracking of suspicious items. For example, if the airport personnel find a suspicious item, at this time, a TAG will be attached to the box.

Using indoor positioning technology for tracking, as long as the system finds that the item has entered an area that should not be entered, it will immediately alarm. So this technology is still useful.

(2) Connect with CRM to collect big data

High-precision positioning can accurately measure the actual user behavior trajectory. The device collects the user's basic information, the customer stay time and other information and transmits it to the merchant. Merchants can then carry out precise push and marketing.

(3) Security indoor positioning

The firefighters entered the scene to fight the fire. In order to ensure the personal safety of the firefighters, the positioning buttons were pressed on his uniform. On-site rescue by firefighters becomes visualized.

Another example is a terrorist attack in a public place or a sudden disaster. Because the backstage command place in the public place needs to have a better front-end and backstage cooperation with the on-site personnel.

Using indoor positioning technology allows the background commander to understand the movements of the on-site personnel in real time, so that the on-site personnel can respond more timely and effectively.

(4) Factory operation positioning.

The entire production process is visualized and traceable through indoor positioning technology.

(5) Positioning of prison personnel

Attach a non-removable bracelet to each prisoner's hand. Using indoor positioning technology, as long as the system detects that someone has left, the system will call the police and notify the prison guards.

(6) Forklift positioning in warehouse

The work of the forklift can be supervised through Bluetooth positioning technology.