How is The ESP8266 WiFi Module Connected to The Network?

2022-03-15/ By Admin

What is the ESP8266 WIFI module series?

ESP8266 WIFI module series is a cost-effective WIFI SOC module. It supports standard IEEE802.11b/g/n protocol and has a built-in complete TCP/IP protocol stack. Users can use this series of modules to add network functionality to existing equipment or to build stand-alone network controllers.

What are the features of the ESP8266 module series?

◆Support STA, AP, STA+AP action mode
◆Very small 802.11b/g/n WiFi SOC module
◆Built-in 10bit high precision ADC
◆Using a low-power 32-bit CPU that doubles as an application processor
◆Support USART, GPIO, IIC, PWM, ADC, SPI and other interfaces
◆The maximum clock frequency is 160MHz
◆Support smart config, AirKiss one-click network
◆Support multiple sleep modes, deep sleep current as low as 20uA
◆Embedded LWIP protocol stack
◆Support SDK secondary development
◆General AT commands can be used quickly
◆Support serial local upgrade and remote firmware upgrade (FOTA)

What is the network connection method of the ESP8266 WiFi module?

If the phone is connected to WiFi, it's pretty simple. First turn on the WIFI switch, select the WIFI network and then enter the password.
Second, if the number of devices is large, the account and password cannot be entered individually for each device.

For these needs, ESP8266 supports smart config mode. The user connects the ESP8266EX and ESP32 devices to the WiFi network and only needs to operate the mobile phone to realize the intelligent structure.

In addition, when we apply the WIFI module to various occasions, there are various WIFI network account names and passwords. Passwords are also constantly updated, and accounts and passwords cannot be fixed.

In response to these requirements, ESP8266 supports smart config mode, users connect devices using ESP8266EX and ESP32 to WiFi network, and users can realize an intelligent structure with a simple operation on mobile phones.

Which ESP8266 WiFi modules are recommended?

SKYLAB product model is recommended: WG219 / WG229. This series module mainly adopts ESP8266 chip and supports AP mode or Station mode, which can be used for LED control, smart home networking, smart socket, etc.

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