2022 Best AP Station 802.11bgn Wifi Module 

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What is 802.11bgn wifi module?

 AP station 802.11bgn wifi module is a special hardware adapter that allows you to receive a wireless Wi-Fi signal from a router. Often used in laptops and other portable devices as a device built into the motherboard.

 The modules also include built-in access points, repeaters and other devices that broadcast the Internet using a wireless signal. This material will consider: what is a Wi-Fi module for a laptop, how to replace Wi-Fi for a laptop.

How to change wifi adapter in laptop?

It is not very difficult to completely replace the AP station 802.11bgn wifi module. It can be easily removed from the board and replaced with a working one. All you need to do is remove the back cover on the laptop, after removing the battery and unscrewing all the bolts, then unscrew the motherboard and turn it over. Sometimes this is not necessary, since it can be located on the front side of the motherboard.

Important! The module looks like a flat rectangle, screwed on two screws and connected with two wires to another board.

Industry Control Wifi Module 2022

Reasons for replacing the Wi-Fi module

Usually, such a device replaces for the following reasons: The AP station 802.11bgn wifi module for the laptop is out of order due to breakdowns or was disabled by power surges or a thunderstorm;

It is morally obsolete and cannot cope with an upgraded laptop. It work effectively in tandem with modern "stuffing", support new communication standards, for example, 802.11ac.

This list is exhaustive and there are no more reasons. If in a computer and laptop store or in a service center someone said that the module needs to be changed periodically, then this is a lie. Either the module is broken or outdated.

In addition, an increasing number of users prefer wireless connection due to its simplicity and convenience. And if everything is simple with mobile devices or Smart TV - the corresponding module is built-in there by default, then a separate AP station 802.11bgn wifi module require to connect a PC .

Wi-Fi adapter - what is it?

The device is a relatively compact card in a plastic case that connects to a device that does not have a built-in wireless module. It provides the ability to connect it to a wireless network deployed using a router.

For the end user, the most important adapter components are:

  • wireless module,
  • antenna,
  • Connector for connection.

We will dwell on them in more detail later, referring to the features of the choice.

What does a WiFi adapter do?

As mentioned above, an adapter requires connecting the device to an existing AP station 802.11bgn wifi module created a router. Further, in the absence of a wired Internet connection. Thus, the adapter allows:

  • discover available wireless networks,
  • ensure connection to them via an encrypted channel,
  • organize data transfer over a local network (access to other devices, local file storage),
  • Provide high-speed Internet access without the need to purchase patch cords (patch cords) or make them from twisted pair , lay them and connect them.

In fact, AP station 802.11bgn wifi module is a full-fledged additional network card. It is completely takes control of the network connection. Accordingly, it uses not only when it is strictly necessary to provide a wireless connection, but also as an option for temporary or permanent replacement of a failed built-in network adapter.

How to choose wifi module?

We have decided what a WiFi adapter? Why it needs and what it does. It's time to turn to the most important information for any consumer - questions of choice and basic parameters.

To determine which AP station 802.11bgn wifi module to choose for your home, apartment or small office, you need to pay attention to the following aspects.

AP Station 802.11bgn Wifi Module

AP station 802.11bgn wifi module specifications

Or rather, the connection standard that it supports. Most modern adapters are dual-band, that is, they allow you to connect to a network broadcasting at frequencies of 2.4 and 5 GHz. The "ac" standard allows you to connect to both networks,

  • "N" - works exclusively at a frequency of 2.4 GHz.

We recommend purchasing AP station 802.11bgn wifi module that support 802.11ac, as it provides faster data transfer rates and is still less common.

 Types of adapter’s Antenna

A AP station 802.11bgn wifi module always has an antenna, but in most cases it looks like a winding path on the board. Nevertheless, for most cases (for working within a 1-3 room apartment, a small office, a store), it is more than enough.

If it assumes that a computer or other device will locate at a considerable distance from the router, and there will be several thick, solid walls between them, it makes sense to choose an adapter with an external antenna. It looks exactly like a router, and works to boost the signal and improve the quality of communication.

AP station 802.11bgn wifi module divide into 3 types:

  • USB - the most versatile models. Outwardly, they resemble a regular “flash drive” and can be used with any device that has the appropriate connector and support from the operating system: from PCs and laptops to tablets, TVs and digital TV set-top boxes.
  •  Important: specific device models may not support the adapter even if there is a USB connector. Support information can be found with the manufacturer or in owner reviews.
  • PCI-Express (PCI-E) - is much less common and is intended exclusively for computers. Plug into the appropriate connector on the motherboard. The main advantage is that they have antennas and that they do not take up a USB port.
  • M.2 - the most modern options. Primarily intended for laptops, they can also uses in compact PCs if there is an appropriate connector on the motherboard. Functionally similar to PCI-E adapters. They can have connectors for outputting antennas on pigtails - thin stranded wires.

Wireless connection Speed

And the last thing you should pay attention to when deciding which AP station 802.11bgn wifi module to choose for further purchase it. That has the maximum speed of the wireless connection. Ideally, it should be similar to that of the router or exceed it so that the adapter uses even after replacing it with a more productive model.