How to Choose a Pet GPS Tracker?

2022-05-20/ By Admin

What is the principle of GPS tracker?

The spatial distribution of GPS is composed of 24 GPS working satellites. These GPS working satellites together form a GPS satellite constellation, of which 21 are satellites that can be used for navigation and 3 are active backup satellites. The 24 satellites orbit the Earth in 6 orbits with an inclination of 55°.

The orbit of the satellite is about 12 sidereal hours. Each GPS working satellite sends out a signal for navigation and positioning. It is with these signals that GPS users do their work.

The GPS locator can transmit the location information data obtained by the GPS module to the positioning platform server developed by the company through the 2G/3G/4G network. Then we can call and view the data on the server through the PC and mobile APP.

The premise of easily realizing the precise positioning of the GPS locator where the object is located is that the surrounding GPS signal is good, or the number of base stations is sufficient, and the distance to the positioning object is not too far.

What is a pet GPS tracker?

A pet gps tracker is a product used to know the location information of pets anytime, anywhere. Pet tracking is a major application area of GPS locator, and pet GPS locator is a niche product in the field of Internet of Things.

The pet tracker mainly uses GPS positioning technology and software development and application technology, combined with pet body weight, beautiful design and other technologies. The pet GPS locator transmits the positioning data obtained by the GPS module to a server on the Internet through the mobile communication module (gprs network), so that the terminal position can be inquired on the computer or mobile phone.

The biggest difference between the pet GPS tracker and the traditional GPS tracker is that the pet tracker is small in size, light in weight, waterproof and dustproof.

How to choose a pet tracker?

1.Select products with accurate positioning timing

2.Choose products with small size and light weight

3.Choose products with long-lasting battery life

4.Waterproof grade, dirt resistance and other considerations

5.Products with beautiful appearance design

6.Additional practical functions: custom audio broadcast, custom exercise plan, etc.

What are the recommendations for SKYLAB's GPS pet trackers?

1.GPS Mini Pet Tracking Device Dog Training F206

F206 is a 4G GPS pet dog tracker, which can be used for daily dog training and dog activity monitoring. F206 GPS tracker can track and locate pet dogs in real time to prevent dogs from being lost, and can also monitor dogs' sleep, heartbeat and other health conditions.

The features of GPS pet tracker F206 are as follows:

◆Dog training function

◆4G GPS Pet Activity Monitor

◆Real-time Tracking When Sleep

◆Heartbeat to measure the dog’s condition or level of stress

◆Counting the steps of a dog and measure the distance it walks

◆Blind Zone Supplementary Report

◆Platform mode query positioning

◆Historical track

◆Geo-fencesos/ displacement / low battery alarm GPS + LBS positioning

2.GPS Dog Tracking Device F207

F207 is a real-time 4G GPS pet dog tracker. Based on LTE/GPRS network and GPS satellite positioning system, it can locate or monitor remote targets through short message or mutual contact. It uses the most advanced GPS and AGPS dual positioning, with IPX-68 waterproof level. This is a portable new pet tracker and activity monitoring 4G GPS locator specially designed for individuals and pets.

The features of GPS pet tracker F207 are as follows:

◆Dog Training Function

◆4G GPS Pet Activity Monitor

◆Real-time tracking when Sleep

◆Heartbeat to measure the dog’s condition or level of stress

◆Counting the steps of a dog and measure the distance it walks

◆Blind Zone Supplementary Report

◆Platform mode query positioning

◆Historical track


◆Displacement / low battery alarm

◆GPS + LBS positioning

To learn about pet trackers F206 and F207, visit the SKYLAB website.