UAV Logistics and Transportation Solution

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Logistics drone demand background

Traditional logistics transportation faces traffic conditions such as complex terrain and congestion during peak hours. This often results in longer manual delivery times, which affects the customer experience.

In recent years, logistics drones have been rapidly developed and applied. SF’s drone logistics solution can effectively overcome the problems caused by complex road conditions and traffic congestion in urban areas, and greatly improve delivery efficiency.

UAV Logistics and Transportation Solutions

The central command system of the UAV can monitor, control, dispatch, warn and record the flight status throughout the whole process to ensure the accuracy and stability of the flight. This ensures that the drone can quickly and accurately transport items to customers.

Introduction of logistics drone application cases

Case 1: Normalized logistics transportation in cities in the Greater Bay Area

SF Express has been carrying out the normalized operation of drones in the Greater Bay Area since June 2020. In December of the same year, it was approved by the Civil Aviation Administration to carry out the logistics drone project in the Greater Bay Area. Since then, the normal operation has been started.

Normalized logistics and transportation in cities in the Greater Bay Area

SF Express is committed to building a low-altitude drone logistics network centered on Shenzhen and covering major cities in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, connecting Guangzhou, Zhongshan, and Zhuhai in the west, Dongguan and Huizhou in the north, and Hong Kong and Macau in the south, creating the Greater Bay Area. 2 hours logistics circle.

SF Express has opened dozens of operating routes within the approved airspace, and the flight routes are all planned based on non-populated areas such as mountains, seas, and rivers.

In March 2021, SF Express launched the intra-city route from Shenzhen's Wuhe transfer station to Lilang, and the intra-city route of the low-altitude logistics network in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area covers Longgang, Futian and Luohu areas. As of December 2021, 100% safe flights have been achieved, with an average of nearly 1,000 flights per day and a total of 60,000 flights.

Case 2: Logistics and Transportation of Shanghai Jinshan UAV Base

In October 2020, SF Express cooperated with Shanghai Xinjinshan Industrial Investment and Development Co., Ltd. to implement the pilot work of the Jinshan Civil Unmanned Aviation Pilot Zone under the guidance of the Civil Aviation Administration and relevant management units.

Logistics and Transportation of Shanghai Jinshan UAV Base

Relying on SF’s capabilities and resource advantages in UAV technology, airspace, and operations, we will carry out UAV logistics operation tests in island scenarios. Build and gradually form a low-altitude intelligent logistics and transportation network of drones between archipelagos covering the Yangtze River Delta region.

Case 3: Offshore energy logistics and transportation in the Netherlands

In April 2021, the German branch of SF Express cooperated with DRONEQ Robotics on an offshore energy logistics project to transport goods through specialized drones to support supply chain processes.

This type of cargo is transported to and from important onshore destinations hospitals, port areas and offshore destinations such as Wadden Island, ships and offshore energy facilities such as production platforms and offshore wind farms.

In addition to reducing costs, improving efficiency and safety, using dedicated drones can also help improve CO2 emissions.

Introduction to the characteristics of logistics transportation drone solutions

The logistics drone solution mainly uses ARK40 and Manta Ray 40 drones, which have the characteristics of very large load capacity and very long battery life, which can meet the application scenarios of logistics transportation in cities and remote mountainous areas.

ARK40 UAV adopts an octa-rotor layout, can transport up to 10KG items, and the average speed is as high as 50KM/H. It has a multi-redundant navigation system, flight control system, power system and power system, and is equipped with an emergency landing system with high reliability and safety.

In addition, the aerodynamically optimized propeller makes it have higher flight efficiency, and through the onboard visual positioning system, it can also complete the precise landing. The Ark UAV is suitable for short- and medium-distance terminal distribution business, and the large-volume warehouse of more than 60 liters enables this model to meet the needs of more transportation tasks.

The Manta Ray 40 UAV is a multi-rotor and fixed-wing hybrid UAV. It combines the two advantages of multi-rotor independent runway takeoff and landing and fixed-wing high-efficiency cruise flight, and is suitable for more business scenarios. The unique wing body incorporates an aerodynamic shape, further enhancing its endurance and extending its flight range. It has a battery life of up to 75 minutes and a maximum range of up to 100km.

In addition, the redundant features of power and control mechanism make it more reliable. Manta Ray 40 is suitable for mid-to-long-distance terminal distribution business, and can serve various scenarios such as remote mountainous areas, plateaus, hills, islands and lakes. Efficient aerodynamic shape Excellent flight efficiency Power redundancy Safe and reliable.