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2G GPS Positioning Device For Vehicle Rental Tracking GT23

GT23 is a GPS positioning device used for vehicle rental tracking.

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Receiver GPS、BDS
Positioning Accuracy <10m
Dimension 77mm * 28mm * 15mm

GT23 is a GPS positioning device used for vehicle rental tracking. The positioning device integrates GSM wireless communication technology and GPS/BDS satellite navigation and positioning technology. The positioning device adopts an industrial-grade high-integration full built-in antenna design, and the device has a built-in 3-axis sensor. Power saving wake up work.

SKGT23 GPS positioning equipment has the functions of DC detection, ACC detection, vibration alarm, power failure alarm, overspeed alarm, illegal start alarm, and remote oil and power cutoff. The positioning device is equipped with a global positioning service platform to achieve real-time acquisition, tracking and positioning functions of vehicle data.


◆The positioning device supports multiple alarm functions such as vibration alarm, power failure alarm, overspeed alarm, illegal start alarm, and displacement alarm.

◆The positioning device can be connected to an external oil-cutting relay/wireless oil-cutting accessory, which supports the function of cutting off the oil circuit/circuit of the monitored object, and realizes functions such as cutting off oil and electricity.

◆The positioning device supports the electronic fence function. Users can delineate a virtual electronic fence through the platform/APP. When the device enters or exits the fence, it can be recognized by the platform and an alarm will be issued.

◆The positioning device can send an alarm text message/phone call to the monitoring number when an alarm occurs, and the alarm will be uploaded to the platform at the same time.

◆The positioning device adopts industrial-grade high-stability GPRS module, built-in GSM high-sensitivity antenna, supports TCP/IP data transmission, and supports domain name/IP address connection to the server.

◆The positioning device has a built-in 3-axis acceleration sensor, which integrates precise acceleration algorithms to obtain real-time vehicle status judgments such as the current attitude of the vehicle.

◆The positioning equipment has a high-sensitivity GPS/BDS dual-satellite positioning module, an anti-jamming ceramic antenna, the satellite search signal is more stable, and it supports AGPS fast positioning tracking and synchronous timing;

◆When the positioning device is in sleep mode, abnormal vibration alarms and other vehicles will automatically report messages when the vehicle starts, stops, and sleeps.

◆The positioning device is in the low-power and energy-saving mode, and accurately judges the ignition and flameout status of the car. In the intelligent sleep and wake-up mechanism, it can reduce the average power consumption of the whole system.

Parameter Function name Description
Electrical Characteristics Power supply Battery powered
Working voltage range DC 9V - 95V
Working current 12V/35mA
Sleep current 12V/10mA
Built -in battery capacity 80 mAh
Environmental character Operating temperature range -20℃ - 75℃
Storage temperature range -30℃ - 80℃
Working humidity range 10%-85% RH
Communication characteristics chip model MT6261D
Communication band Support 2G  850/900/1800/1900MHZ
SIM card Standard SIM card
Communication antenna Built in antenna
Antenna specification FPC antenna
GPS/BD Positioning properties chip model AT6558D
Positioning mode Beidou+GPS
Cold start time Average 32 seconds
Hot start time Average 1 second
Track sensitivity -162 dBm
Positioning antenna Built in antenna
Antenna specification 18mm * 18mm * 4mm
GPS frequency band L1:  1575.42±1.023MHz
Beidou frequency band B1:  1561.098±2.046MHz
Satellite channel number 50
Positioning accuracy <10m(1σ)
Timing accuracy <30ns(1σ)
Speed measurement accuracy <0.1m/s(1σ)
Maximum acceleration 4g
Maximum speed 515m/s
Maximum height 18000m
External interface Oil -breaking One circuit relay can be connected externally
Outline specification Host size (length, width and height) 77mm * 28mm * 15mm
Shell material ABS plastic
Host weight 32g

◆Auto Insurance Industry

◆Enterprise Fleet Industry

◆Car manufacturers/4S shops

◆Personal car user

◆Electric car

◆Passenger vehicle


◆Rental vehicle

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