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IoT Gateway


Nordic nRF52832 nRF52840 BLE4.2/5.0 Bluetooth Gateway VDB3601

The Bluetooth IoT gateway VDB3601 uses nRF52832/ nRF52840 chips.VDB3601 is a Bluetooth gateway that supports 485 communication. T

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Chip nRF52832 / nRF52840
Protocol Bluetooth®4.2/5.0
Size 150x47mm

The Bluetooth IoT gateway VDB3601 uses nRF52832/ nRF52840 chips.VDB3601 is a Bluetooth gateway that supports 485 communication. The communication between WiFi and Bluetooth is through a serial port. It can be flexibly applied to various scenarios. For example, you can remotely control the BLE device, receive data from the BLE device, and send it to the background server. In addition, the VDB3601 supports POE switch power supply and 5V adapter power supply for convenience.

The VDB3601 uses a dual-network port design and can be cascaded to multiple devices. POEhashighreliability and protects the network port against lightning surges up to 4kV in common mode and 2kV in differential mode . The 4G/Cat.1 module is compatible with the gateway, which facilitates the special scenario in which network cables cannot be distributed.

In addition, the TF card is reserved inside the gateway, which is convenient to support the storage function of network disconnection. Reserve dual Bluetooth to scan up to 19 + 19 Bluetooth devices simultaneously.

VDB3601 Compatible with RS485 interface, can expand to connect 10 slave gateways, reducethecabling cost.(Custom required)

Size 150x47mm(φxH)
Power supply method DC4.5-5.5V、POE44~57V
Average current 200mA@5V (Single host)
Working temperature -20℃~70℃
Physical interface 2 network ports and 1 DC power interface
Wifi protocol IEEE802.11b/g/n
Transmission rate IEEE802.11b Standard mode1,2,5.5,11Mbps
IEEE802.11gStandard mode6,9,12,18,24,36,48,54Mbps
Receiving sensitivity HT40MCS7:-70dBm@10%PER(MCS7)
Transmitting power IEEE802.11b:18dBm
Wireless security WPA/WPA2, WEP,TKIP,and AES
Operating mode Bridge、Gateway、APClient
Bluetooth protocol Bluetooth®4.2/5.0
Transmission rate 1Mbps/2Mbps
Wireless safety AESHWEncryption
Coverage 80m No obstruction
Transmitting power -20~+8dBm
Bluetooth character Multi-role support, supporting three working modes: broadcasting, scanning , and connecting

1、The Bluetooth gateway connects to the BLE device, collects data from the Bluetooth device and uploads it to the server.

2、The Bluetooth gateway connects Bluetooth devices to transmit data in both uplink and downlink directions. Such as connecting Bluetooth smart door locks, remote switch locks, etc.

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