Restaurant Personnel UWB Positioning Project Case

2023-07-27/ By Admin

A North American restaurant builds a UWB personnel positioning system. The system includes UWB base station, UWB tag, CLE positioning engine, display software, etc.

The store manager distributes small table cards with UWB positioning tags to customers. Through the display software, the location information of Gu's family can be known in real time. After the food is ready, the waiter can deliver the food to the customer's seat in time.

Functions of restaurant UWB positioning system

▲ Customer positioning
▲ Statistics of customer stay time
▲ Other custom development functions

Restaurant real pictures

Restaurant project product application

(1) UWB positioning base station VDU2503

VDU-2503LP is a high-precision positioning base station based on UWB technology. enhanced RF transmission and reception performance, so that the VDU-2503LP has wider coverage and higher positioning accuracy

(2) UWB positioning tag VDU1503

The VDU1503 is an asset location tag based on the NRF5283 main control CPU and UWB transceiver chip. Low power consumption and large battery capacity design can achieve high energy accuracy and long time positioning of assets.