Bluetooth Beacon Parking Lot Reverse Vehicle Locating Solution

2023-07-25/ By Admin

Parking lots in shopping malls, hospitals, and office buildings are usually very large. It is easy for people to forget where their cars are parked. This problem causes people to waste time in finding their cars again.

SKYLAB can provide Bluetooth Beacon Reverse Car Locator solution. The beacon positioning system enables services such as parking space navigation, recording of parking spaces and route search. It can solve the problems of indoor navigation, reverse car finding and so on.

The Architecture of Parking Lot Bluetooth Positioning

Based on Bluetooth beacons and smart terminals (such as mobile phones), the terminal performs position calculation in the SDK by scanning the surrounding Bluetooth RSSI value signals, so as to realize the offline version (no internet connection) Bluetooth positioning and navigation function.

Smart terminal system version requirements: iOS 7 or later, Android 4.3.3 or later.

Layout requirements: iBeacon spacing 6-8 meters, height 3-4 meters (the height of one floor)

Specifications: Bluetooth positioning accuracy of 1-3 meters, delay of about 2 seconds

Bluetooth beacon parking lot positioning principle

(1) Deploy Bluetooth beacons in the parking lot. Generally at least three Bluetooth beacons need to be deployed. At least know the RSSI value of three points in order to accurately calculate the positioning.

(2) Bluetooth beacons will broadcast a data packet to the surrounding every certain time. It is 100 milliseconds by default.

(3) The cell phone enters the signal coverage of the Bluetooth beacon. It will receive the packets broadcast out by the Bluetooth beacon at intervals.

(4) The Bluetooth host receives the broadcast packet. It will indicate that the broadcast packet comes from the MAC address of the Bluetooth beacon slave. It also receives the RSSI value, which is an indication of the strength of the transmitted signal.

(5) The RSSI value is the basis for determining the distance between the Bluetooth host location and the Bluetooth beacon.

(6) The built-in location algorithm of the cell phone can measure the exact location of the Bluetooth host.

What are the features of Bluetooth Beacon?

(1) Bluetooth beacon tag capacity, long standby time.
(2) Bluetooth beacon positioning frequency is high, low latency
(3) Bluetooth beacon lightweight application, ready-to-use

What are the advantages of Bluetooth Beacon?

● Bluetooth beacons are easy to deploy and inexpensive

● Bluetooth beacon realizes 3-5 meters precision positioning in the whole area;

Bluetooth gateways have wide coverage and are easy to implement;

What are the functions realized by Bluetooth beacons?

▶ Point-of-interest navigation in shopping malls;

▶ Quick navigation in elevators and restrooms;

▶ Indoor parking lot navigation;

▶ Finding empty parking spaces navigation;

▶ Marketing path planning

Parking Lot Bluetooth Beacon Product Recommendations

The iBeacon involved in the parking lot Bluetooth positioning and navigation system mainly includes the following two: 4.0 Bluetooth positioning base station iBeacon VG01 and outdoor Bluetooth positioning base station iBeacon VG02, as shown in the following figure.

e parking lot Bluetooth positioning