What Are The Application Scenarios Of GNSS Positioning Module?

2023-07-28/ By Admin

The acquisition of outdoor location information mainly relies on satellite positioning systems. At present, there are four major satellite navigation systems: GPS, BDS, GLONASS and GALILEO. GNSS civil market is mainly used in high-precision surveying and mapping, location search, vehicle navigation and other fields.

What are the application scenarios of GNSS positioning modules?

What is the working principle of GNSS positioning module?

The GNSS module calculates the pseudo-distance to each satellite. It uses the distance rendezvous method to derive the four parameters of longitude, latitude, altitude and time correction of the receiver.The GNSS module continuously outputs the positioning information in NMEA format for the receiver to choose the application.

SKYLAB mainly has single-frequency GPS positioning module, RTK GNSS positioning module, antenna integrated GNSS G-mouse finished products.

What are the outdoor positioning application scenarios of GNSS module?

(1) Vehicle Connected Positioning

SKYLAB provides unmanned positioning solution based on GNSS module.GNSS module is built into the unmanned vehicle. It can realize high-precision positioning of vehicles on the road.GNSS module is widely used for navigation and positioning of excavators, concrete vehicles, logistics and transportation vehicles. It provides real-time vehicle positioning and navigation, traveling route planning.

(2) Personnel and vehicle tracking

GNSS module is used in personnel and vehicle tracking, GPS tracker can realize personnel positioning, tracking and retrieval functions. Vehicle anti-theft system is useful for reducing car theft in various countries. Anti-theft tracker products for electric cars and motorcycles are also welcomed by countries around the world.

(3) Industrial field

SKYLAB provides RTK high-precision GNSS positioning solutions. It is widely used in the fields of drones, robots, precision agriculture, marine vessels and so on.

(4) Security Surveillance

SKYLAB provides emergency rescue positioning solution based on GNSS module.GPS positioning system can determine the real-time location of trapped people and rescuers. It transmits the location information to the emergency command platform. Firefighters can quickly and accurately determine the location and shorten the rescue time.

In the field of security monitoring, GNSS positioning module can provide accurate location information for HD cameras, trackers and law enforcement instruments. It also connects the location information to the management system to improve positioning accuracy.

(5) Power Communication

In the field of electric power communication, the application of GNSS satellite timing is extremely important.GNSS timing module can provide accurate satellite timing for electric power base station, communication base station, etc.. It can achieve synchronization and high efficiency operation.

(6) Judicial field

In the judicial field, GNSS module is used in positioning watches and law enforcement instruments. It facilitates real-time recording of location information of law enforcement officers.