What Is The Principle Of UWB TWR Positioning?

2023-08-01/ By Admin

TWR passive positioning system is similar to TDoA. Real-time ranging between UWB tag and UWB base station. It uploads the distance information to the background reset through the UWB base station. The server to parse the UWB tag location information.

UWB TWR positioning system composition

The UWB TWR positioning system consists of UWB base station, UWB tags and POE switches, servers and terminal display devices. Customers can build a high-precision display environment for quick UWB positioning demonstration.

UWB TWR Positioning Working Principle


In the tunnel positioning system, personnel wear UWB positioning tags . It utilizes UWB pulse signals to transmit position data. The positioning base station receives the tag position information. It measures the distance between the tag and the base station by signal time of flight. The positioning engine collects the current position of the tag and displays it in real time.

UWB TWR positioning base station installation method

1. Accurate calibration requires the installation of at least four UWB base stations. An area surrounded by base stations is best for calibration.

2.All base stations should be at least greater than 15 centimeters from the wall. Do not have cover around the antenna of the base station.

3. The height of the UWB base station should be at least 2.5 m above the ground. the spacing of the UWB base stations depends on the tags and the transmit power of the base station. It can be up to 200 meters at maximum gain for single-stage PA, and 500 meters at maximum gain for two-stage PA.

(1)Covering a distance of 400 meters of one-dimensional positioning

1.One-dimensional positioning is applicable to the space with narrow broadband direction, such as corridor, tunnel and pipe corridor positioning;

2.Every 400 meters within the installation of a base station. Positioning accuracy is less than 30 centimeters;

3.Tunnels or corridors have curves or bends in the place, need to increase the appropriate base station

(2)One-dimensional positioning with a coverage of 800 meters

1.One-dimensional positioning is suitable for broadband direction is relatively narrow space such as corridors, tunnels, pipe corridors positioning;

2.Every 800 meters within the installation of a base station (open environment), positioning accuracy is less than 30 cm;

3.when encountering tunnels or corridors with curves or bends, it is necessary to appropriately increase the base station compensation;

4.Single base station can realize one-dimensional positioning;

5.Dual-base station version of the default PCBA shipments, optional shell.

UWB TWR one-dimensional positioning program advantages

1.Accurate positioning: positioning accuracy of 10-30 cm;

2.Long-distance coverage: UWB base station effective coverage distance of 400-800 meters;

3.Personnel management: real-time accurate statistics of personnel, intelligent identification of online and offline personnel;

4.Dangerous one-key call for help: staff encountering dangerous situations, can press the alarm button on the tag

5.Movement track playback: the staff's movement position can be displayed in the form of a track;

6.Electronic fence: UW management platform can delineate the safety zone electronic fence, enter the trigger corresponding level of alarm.