What Are The Interfaces Of WiFi Module?

2023-08-03/ By Admin

What is wifi module interface? Simply put the device needs a communication interface to exchange data with external devices. It mainly includes USB interface, UART interface, SDIO interface, I2S interface, I2C interface, WAN port, LAN port, SPI interface, RJ-45 interface and so on.

What are the interfaces of WiFi module?

1.USB interface WiFi module

USB interface is the most common kind of wifi module interface. It is a universal serial bus, a serial bus standard that connects the MCU inside the wifi module with external devices.

(1) Slave mode USB interface wifi module:skw17ae, wg209, wg217, wg233

(2) Master mode USB interface wifi module:SKW77, SKW78, SKW92A, SKW92B, SKW93A, SKW95, SKW97, SKW99, SKW100, SKW103 and so on.

2.UART interface WIFI module

UART interface is a universal asynchronous serial interface. According to the standard baud rate to complete bidirectional communication, the transmission speed is slower.UART bus is an asynchronous serial interface. Therefore, generally more complex than the structure of the first two synchronous serial interface. Generally consists of baud rate generator, UART receiver, UART transmitter. The hardware consists of two wires, one for sending and one for receiving.

The wifi module adopts UART interface, which supports serial transparent data transmission mode. It has multi-mode security capability. the UART wifi module has a built-in TCP/IP protocol stack and IEEE802.11 protocol stack. It can realize the conversion between user serial port to wireless network.

(1) IoT UART wifi module: WG219, WG229, WG231, LCS6260;

(2) IOT UART wifi Bluetooth combo module: WG222, LCS2028, WG235, WG236, WG238.

3、SDIO interface WIFI module

SDIO interface is the expansion interface of SD card type. wifi module is equipped with SDIO interface, which can be connected to SD card, and also can be connected to devices. Adapters, barcode readers, TV receivers, digital cameras and other devices that use the SDIO standard interface.

SDIO protocol is evolved and upgraded from the protocol of SD card. In many places, the read/write protocol of SD card is retained. At the same time, the SDIO protocol adds CMD52 and CMD53 commands on top of the SD card protocol. This also makes an important difference between the SDIO and SD card specifications with the addition of the low-speed standard.

SDIO interface wifi module: wifi Bluetooth 2-in-1 module WG225.

4.Ethernet interface (RJ-45 interface) wifi module

Ethernet is a computer LAN technology. Ethernet is the most commonly used LAN technology, RJ-45 interface is the most common network equipment interface. This interface is available in 10Base-T Ethernet, 100Base-TX Ethernet, and 1000Base-TX Ethernet.

100Gb Ethernet port wifi module: SKW77, SKW92A, SKW92B, SKW93A, SKW95, SKW97, SKW99, SKW100, SKW103;

Gigabit Ethernet port wifi module: SKW78.

5.I2C interface WIFI module

I2C interface is a two-wire serial bus developed by Philips. It is used to connect microcontrollers, sensors and their peripheral devices.The I2C bus uses two wires to transfer information between the bus and the device.

It performs bi-directional data transfer between the microcontroller and the external device.I2C is OD output.Most of the I2C is 2-wire and is generally used to transfer control signals. In addition, the I2C interface uses a one-to-many approach, sending data in units of bytes.

6.I2S interface

The I2S interface is a bus standard developed by Philips. Most I2S interfaces are 3-wire. I2S is mainly used to transmit audio signals. STB, DVD, MP3 are common I2S standards. It specifies both the hardware interface specification and the format of digital audio data.