Bluetooth Beacon Solution for Animal Cattle and Sheep Ear Tags

2023-08-04/ By Admin

In recent years, the aquaculture industry is also gradually developing towards intelligence. Smart farm is a new farming model. Through the use of Internet of Things technology, people can monitor the breeding situation of cattle and sheep in real time.

Bluetooth Beacon Solution for Animal Cattle and Sheep Ear Tags

Traditional farms use RFID ear tags to monitor cattle and sheep. However, RFID ear tags are prone to the following problems.

(1) Unable to collect living body information

Edgeless RFID ear tags have no sensor. It cannot collect body temperature and activity data of cattle and sheep.

(2) Unable to receive data remotely

The reading distance of the edgeless RFID ear tag is only 8 meters away at most. It cannot remotely receive the data of the ear tag of cattle and sheep.

(3) It is impossible to track the dynamics of cattle and sheep assets in real time

The edgeless RFID ear tags are scanned by humans at regular intervals. The real-time performance of data transmission cannot be guaranteed.

(4) Unable to determine the location of cattle and sheep assets

The edgeless RFID ear tag has no positioning and electronic fence functions. So it cannot identify the location of cattle and sheep assets.

Bluetooth Ear Tag Tracking System for Cattle and Sheep

Therefore, SKYLAB has developed and launched a Bluetooth beacon solution for cattle and sheep ear tags. Through the IoT software platform, it is able to grasp the status of livestock, including the number, location and movement steps of cattle and sheep. When there are livestock cattle and sheep leave the electronic fence, it can timely alarm.

Bluetooth Ear Tag Tracking System for Cattle and Sheep

Working principle of Bluetooth ear tag for cattle and sheep

Bluetooth ear tags broadcast a Bluetooth signal. The Bluetooth gateway scans for signals and parses the RSSI value.
The gateway sends the RSSI information of the Bluetooth ear tag back to the cloud server through 4G. The cloud server calculates the distance from the Bluetooth ear tag to the gateway. It can calculate the coordinates of the Bluetooth ear tag.

Bluetooth ear tags collect the location information of livestock, cattle and sheep. It can realize real-time supervision of cattle and sheep. And dynamically estimate the overall assets. Administrators can conduct dynamic inventory of cattle and sheep assets. In addition, functions such as electronic fence, physical sign monitoring, and alarm can also be realized.

Cattle and sheep Bluetooth ear tags realize the function

The Bluetooth ear tag VDB06 is commonly used in the location management of pigs, cattle, sheep, horses and other animals in animal husbandry. Smart bluetooth ear tag VDB06 can collect animal exercise data. The temperature acquisition function needs to be customized. The data collected by the Bluetooth base station VDG01 is uploaded to the cloud server through the 4G network.

Users can log in to the monitoring platform through a computer or mobile APP to monitor in real time. She can analyze data such as the number, location, and signs of animals such as pigs, cattle, and sheep.

Bluetooth real-time tracking products for cattle and sheep

(1)Cattle Sheep Locator Tracking Ear Tag Bluetooth Beacon VDB06

VDB06 is a asset label Bluetooth beacon with a function to prevent disassembly. Its broadcast protocol conforms to bluetooth BLE broadcast iBeacon (Apple) protocol. It is usually installed in a suitable location.For example, on the ears of larger animals, such as cattle and horses.

(2) 4G Cat1 Long Range Bluetooth IoT Gateway VDG01

VDG01 is a Cat1 Bluetooth gateway that can be flexibly used in a variety of scenarios. For example, remotely control the BLE device, receive data sent by the BLE device and send it to the server. The VDG01 supports a 5.0V power supply.