UAV Highway Traffic Patrol Application Solution

2022-06-29/ By Admin

UAV Road Traffic Application Background

In the process of scientific and technological progress and development in modern society, with the continuous improvement of technology, drones are gradually applied in various industries. Especially in the transportation industry, the use of drones has its irreplaceable advantages.

The expressway adapts to the development of industrialization and urbanization. The construction mostly starts from the urban ring road, the radial road and the busy road section, and gradually becomes the urban transportation with the expressway as the backbone.

Therefore, the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to assist patrol inspection and supervision in high-speed road sections is also an important direction of research in the field of UAV applications in recent years. SKYLAB and SF Express have launched a road traffic application solution.

UAV Road Traffic Application Scenarios

1.Drone Patrol Monitoring

UAV can conduct high-altitude patrol and monitoring of key sections of highways. Using drones to shoot high-definition pictures, search for suspicious people and vehicles on the ground, and provide strong air intelligence support.

The UAV transmits the video images back to the command center in real time, and the command center grasps the scene in real time according to the data transmitted back by the UAV. Once an emergency is found, the drone can be found at the first time, which greatly improves the efficiency of emergency handling.

2.Drone Traffic Guidance

By using drones for traffic guidance, it has the characteristics of fast response, high efficiency, and intuitive and convenient video. Drones can effectively make up for the slow response speed of traffic diversion and the inability to accurately judge road congestion.

UAVs can improve the efficiency of traffic diversion, overcome time and space constraints, and reduce human and material resources. The UAV is used to divert traffic accurately and quickly, and the images are transmitted back to the monitoring center in real time, so that the monitoring center can accurately judge the road conditions. And accurate command and deployment, so as to further improve the effectiveness of law enforcement.

3.Drone Aerial Forensics

At present, manual road inspection work is used in expressways, which not only has a large workload, is time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also has low efficiency.

The UAV highway inspection is flexible and flexible, which just makes up for the blind spot of the poor position of manual and ground cameras. UAVs can complete routine inspections such as road auxiliary facilities inspection, road pothole inspection, emergency lane violation patrols, road traffic statistics, etc., and emergency inspections such as emergency treatment of traffic facilities damage. And the whole process of inspection is automatically aligned with the road without manual intervention, which greatly improves the efficiency of inspection.

4.UAV Emergency Rescue

With its powerful maneuverability and flexibility, drones can deliver rescue supplies to the accident scene in time. Drones can provide strong support for rescuers to rescue people in their hands at the first time.

5.UAV Traffic Accident Handling

After a highway traffic accident occurs, the drone can quickly arrive at the accident site. The traffic police operate the drone to launch a survey, and the accident survey can be completed in about 5 minutes.

After completing the survey, the traffic police used the shouting equipment carried by the drone to inform the car owner to quickly evacuate the accident scene and restore the normal order of the road, so as to truly realize the rapid evacuation. In the later stage, the processing software is used to measure the distance according to the markers that have been set, and finally accurate responsibility can be achieved.