Vehicle Rental GPS Tracking Management Solution

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Vehicle Rental GPS Tracking Management Demand Background

Today, with the continuous development of science and technology and the Internet, the car rental industry is also changing with the continuous needs.

The car rental industry is unable to grasp the location of the car and the actual use status of the car. The car rental industry has encountered some problems in the development process. The leasing company cannot grasp the location and actual use status of the vehicle. There are common problems such as users cheating rent, non-payment after expiration, and excessive use. , causing serious economic losses and development impact on the benefits of leasing enterprises, and also hindered the overall development of the car leasing industry.

Vehicle Rental GPS Tracking Management Solution

In response to the management problems of the leasing industry, SKYLAB has specially developed and provided a vehicle leasing GPS tracking management solution, which enables leasing companies to keep abreast of the location of vehicles leasing, improve management efficiency, reduce asset losses, effectively improve enterprise vehicle management, and promote the health of the vehicle leasing industry develop.

Vehicle Rental GPS Tracking Solution Introduction

The vehicle rental company conducts GPS vehicle positioning tracking through the SKYLAB vehicle GPS monitoring and management system. The vehicle tracker puts the data transmission system into the monitoring center, the company can track the vehicle 24 hours a day, and accurately locate the specific location, driving direction and driving speed of the vehicle. This can ensure the safety of the car, reduce the risk of car rental, and promote the rapid development of the car rental industry.

1. Location tracking

◆Real-time positioning.

◆Continuously record the vehicle position.

◆The recorded parameters include vehicle speed, position, driving direction, and alarm status.

2. Remote oil and power cut off

◆Stop fuel and electricity cut-off: The center sends an instruction to the equipment, and the equipment executes the fuel cut-off instruction when the vehicle speed is below the set value, which is protected by password authority.

◆ Hierarchical management: Only advanced users can remotely cut off oil and electricity. ;

◆Recovery from power failure: The center can send a remote command to restore the vehicle to normal and unlock the vehicle.

3. Burglar alarm

◆Custom anti-theft alarm: The device provides a custom detection harness connected to the original car anti-theft device, the anti-theft device sends out theft alarm signal, and the alarm data is uploaded to the center.

4. Driving range management

◆Area alarm: alarm when the vehicle exceeds the specified driving range.

◆Alarm report: Automatically generate documents for all vehicle alarm records.

5. Anti-disassembly protection

◆Power failure alarm: Upload power failure alarm after GPS is cut off from power supply.

◆Backup battery: The device can work continuously for 2 hours after power failure.

6. Background System Monitoring

The monitoring center is the core of the whole system, which can realize monitoring, scheduling, receiving/handling police, image processing functions and other information services, and coordinate and manage the hardware and software of the whole system.

Vehicle Location Tracker Product Recommendation

1、4G LTE Car Vehicle GPS Tracker Device SKG1001

SKG1001 is a 4G full frequency or 4G LTE full frequency GPS tracker, designed for extensive vehicle tracking. Built-in GPS antenna, high sensitivity, fast positioning speed. It has 4 digital inputs (2 positive triggers, 2 negative triggers), 2 digital outputs, 1 serial port, 2 analog inputs, etc. It can be applied to more flexible and complex project requirements.

SKG1001 device is not like GPS navigator, it cannot work independently, it must work with GPS tracking system.

2、Vehicle GPS Tracking Device for Fleet Management SKG1002

The SKG1002 is a GPS tracker designed for a wide range of vehicle tracking application. It has basic I/O interfaces that can be used for GPS vehicle tracking. Its internal GPS antenna has superior sensitivity and fast time to be located. It can be monitored in real time or periodically tracked by a backend server and mobile devices.

The following is an application scenario diagram of the Vehicle Tracking Manager.