Industrial Drone

SKYLAB is SF's drone partner, providing customers with logistics drone solutions. SKYLAB is committed to the exploration and deep cultivation of logistics drone application scenarios, and continues to build a standard management system for the R&D, testing, production and commercial operation of large-scale commercial drones in various complex scenarios.

UAV products include multi-rotor UAV, VTOL fixed wing UAV, with long endurance, large load, multi-redundancy navigation system, flight control system, power system and power system, and equipped with emergency landing system, reliability and High security.

The drone solutions provided by SKYLAB have been successfully implemented in many countries and cities, and the operation scope covers plateaus, hills, cities, islands, lakes and other complex scenes.

SKYLAB continues to provide users with high-quality drone logistics services, and can quickly respond to customers' differentiated needs, providing drone-based solutions for security, emergency, inspection, fire protection, surveying and mapping, and special logistics.

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