Recommend 5 Kinds Of UWB Ranging And Positioning Modules

2023-05-09/ By Admin

Founded in 2002, SKYLA is a UWB positioning solution provider. SKYLAB develops and produces UWB base stations, UWB tags and UWB modules. It has been widely used in asset location tracking, personnel indoor positioning, warehouse forklift anti-collision and other fields.

Next, I share 5 kinds of UWB ranging modules. It is suitable for UWB industrial ranging, UWB indoor positioning system applications.

1、500m long-distance uwb module SKU620
SKU620 is a long-range uwb module developed by SKYLAB. It is often used to do high precision uwb ranging. SKU620 ranging accuracy up to 10-30 cm. It is developed based on DW1000 program with integrated nRF52832 master control.

Applications: development of uwb ranging base station, uwb ranging tag, TWR positioning base station.

2、PDOA ranging UWB module SKU611

UWB module SKU611 is applicable to PDOA ranging algorithm. SKU611 integrates nRF52840 and two UWB transceivers DW1000. SKU611 comes with multiple angle and acceleration sensors. It is commonly used in UAV following, smart luggage, etc.

(1) Dimension: 57.0mm x 41.0 mm x 3.8 mm

(2) Interface: multiple serial and I2C communication interface. Multiple nRF52840 chip GPIO general-purpose interface. Multiple ADC acquisition ports; BLE communication interface.

(3) module use: applicable to PDOA system UWB base station

3, UWB ranging module SKU610

SKU610 is a UWB ranging module. It can be used for accurate industrial ranging, support TWR algorithm of two-way ranging. SKU610 ranging accuracy within 10 cm. It integrates nRF52832 and DW1000 with built-in acceleration sensor. SKU610 can realize the intelligent switching of working mode and positioning frequency in different states of motion and stationary.

UWB module SKU610 is equipped with an external antenna connector. The UWB module with special antenna can be applied to PDOA positioning system to achieve angular positioning function. SKU610 has 6.8 Mbps data transmission rate and the firmware supports over-the-air update.

Applications of the module: TDOA system positioning packet transmission and command reception, PDOA system positioning packet transmission and command reception, TWR two-way ranging.

4、UWB two-way ranging module SKU609

SKU609 integrates nRF52832 main control chip and UWB chip DW1000, which can be used to develop UWB positioning tag and also used for UWB two-way ranging. The SKU609 has an embedded acceleration sensor, which enables automatic switching of packet frequency between stationary and motion states.

This UWB module is commonly used in the following two situations.

(1) SKU609 can be used for high precision ranging with EVB development board.

(2) Positioning tags for UWB indoor positioning

5、UWB ranging module SKU603

UWB ranging module SKU603 integrates DW1000 and GD32F130G8U6 MCU, which can be used for bi-directional ranging or TDOA UWB positioning system.

Applications: SKU603 can be applied to bi-directional ranging precise real-time positioning system.